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Easily Add Comfort To Any Space

It’s about that time – the time of year where the Winter Blues set in, and we are all anxiously waiting for spring. By the end of February, everyone in New England has had just about enough of winter. While we haven’t had much snow(knock on wood), it has been bitter cold almost every day! In the winter, there is nothing better than coming home to a cozy space where you can kick off your shoes and relax.

For us at Lisa Scheff, once late February hits you can find us snuggled up in our homes, reading a good book or watching one of our favorite TV shows. It is our favorite place to be. Sometimes, in large spaces, it is hard to make it feel intimate and cozy. While playing with colors and using a warmer hue can affect this, there are easier ways to help a room feel cozy without calling the painter. Whether your room is large or small, here are a few simple changes that can really up the level of “cozy”!

Over-sized Throws:

One of the most comfortable and most practical additions to any room is a few oversized throws. Throw blankets can be great accent pieces and will bring the colors of a room together. Plus, who doesn’t love having extra fuzzy blankets on hand for those chilly winter nights? Oversized is the way to go when looking to add throws to your space. Nothing is more frustrating than a blanket that doesn’t cover your whole body!

An over-sized throw is both practical, and functional! Added bonus? The texture that the blankets add to a room will add visual warmth and a richer, more tactile experience.

Layer with Comfy, Bright Pillows

Last but certainly not least, pillows! Pillows are useful and versatile. They can be used to rest your head during that Netflix binge or to rest your feet when you’re tired of sitting up straight! Pillows are the foundation of a cozy living room and a simple way to add color, texture, and comfort-trifecta! When looking for pillows, be sure to buy good quality for their durability and comfort.

Upholstered Ottomans & Poufs:

Cocktail tables are convenient pieces of furniture for any living room, but they can be cold and industrial, leaving a room chilly. An easy fix is to use an upholstered ottoman or poufs instead. How you decorate your ottoman is entirely up to you.

Whether you fill a serving tray with a stack of books and a candle or use it as extra seating for guests, the possibilities are endless! Many of these can even be made with hidden storage inside for all those throws! Most importantly, the fabric and cushion will bring added warmth to the space, adding to the comfort of the room.

Bonus tip- Eliminate Dead Wall Space:

In a large space, it is almost always best to keep furniture off the walls, creating cozy arrangements closer to the center of the room. The trouble with this is that it can leave a large portion of your wall space bare — don’t let that space go to waste! Using wall art that is predominantly warmer colors will help fill up the wall space and eliminate the chill!

Are you looking for some advice on how to make your living space cozier? Give us a call we would love to help!

Finding Inspiration In Everything

One thing we’ve learned in our years working in interior design is that you never know when inspiration is going to hit! Designers are faced with a ton of design decisions every day, but everything outside of practical is up to our discretion and imagination. Inspiration is everywhere…but when faced with a new design challenge, where you find your inspiration can come as a surprise.

Sometimes finding inspiration is easy and as soon as you step into a space, it speaks to you. You know exactly what you want to do to create the client’s vision and start working on it right away. Other times, you are looking for a bit of a nudge and inspiration to push you in the right direction.  Just like any creative process, interior design is talent catalyzed by inspiration. Designers live their lives with their heads on a swivel, taking in all that the world has to offer. Sure, we find inspiration in rooms other designers have created. However, often, it is in much smaller, less obvious things that inspire a room.

Here are a few of the more exciting ways we’ve found inspiration for spaces we designed.


Art is inspiring. Sometimes we walk by a piece of artwork and it sticks with us. Whether its how the colors work together, or the actual object itself has caught our attention. Either way, we end up bringing a piece of it home with us and work it into the spaces we are creating.

An example of a piece of art inspiring a whole room can be read about in our blog It all Started with a Piece of Art. A client had a few furniture pieces but wanted to make her space come together as an oasis where she and her family could relax. Working with pieces she already owned, the art led the way. The bold teal, subtle cream and gold inspired the color palette used in the painting was then carried out through the entire grey living room.

Using this piece as inspiration, we were able to create a living space perfect for relaxation.

A floor pattern:

Often when searching for inspiration, you just need to take a walk! You never know when inspiration will hit! The girls at Lisa Scheff Designs are always taking photos of things we see in our travels whether it is in our own neighborhood, or from halfway across the world.

In our travels, one of our favorite things to take photos of are our feet on beautiful floors we stumble upon. We always encourage people to keep their chin up, but sometimes the most beautiful things are under our feet. If you want to be inspired, just look down! Flooring is often an outlet of expression in a room- this is especially true in old buildings.

Often times, it is floors that bring excitement to a space through the geometric shapes, varying colors, and the different textures used. If you are ever looking for a little inspiration, travel around with your head down.

Our Fabric Library:

Our fabric library is an entire room dedicated to all of the colors, patterns, and textures you could ever imagine. Every Lisa Scheff Designs project starts in the fabric library! We head up there with room plans in hand and
spend hours picking out everything that speaks to us. We collect everything we like and spread it out on our work table. We match, we pair, we toss, we grab more, and we keep going with this process until the space is complete.

Every part of the clients space comes together in our fabric room, from floors to ceilings, walls to drapery, sofas and pillows. It is a room full of endless inspiration, and one of a designers favorite places to be! It is all the pieces to the puzzle that we are putting together when creating a clients dream space.

Bonus: High Point Market!

High Point Market is where we go to see all of the latest and greatest in the design world. We spend days wandering showrooms, taking photos, and planning out our client’s spaces for them. It never fails, we always leave High Point feeling so inspired and ready to create!

If you are looking for a little help finding some inspiration for a space in your home, give us a call! We would love to help.

Wallpaper is in for 2019!

Wallpaper falls in and out of trend as frequently as bell bottoms and big hair. However, recently, wallpaper has made a huge come back and this trend is hanging on. Right now, the modern wallpaper trend is going strong and we are really loving it. It is a far cry from the wallpaper designs we were left peeling off from the 70’s and 80’s…

Wallpapers are back as a trend because they fit a much less minimalistic taste that is emerging . A wave of new (and younger) homeowners see wallpaper as a new, fun, and exciting alternative to the painted walls of their childhood homes.

Nowadays there is also a lot to choose from with bold, modern prints, that are dramatic, oversized and whimsical. Wallpaper isn’t relegated to the floral print all of our grandparents used anymore. The colors are much more vibrant, they come in textured fabrics, and thanks to advances in printing, are sharp as a knife. Wallpaper has become a favorite way to easily introduce texture, color, and excitement to a space. Whether it is a waterproof paper for a bathroom, a metallic one for a bedroom or even a fairy tale themed one for a closet-there is a wallpaper for everything!

Here are a few wallpaper trends that we like and think will be around for a while!

Metallic & Textured Wallpaper

We lumped these metallic and textured wallpaper together because..well..we love using them together! Using a metallic wallpaper is a great way to add a little bit of glam to any space in your home. Featuring wallpaper on an accent wall is a simple, affordable way to add a luxury feel to your space, whether its a bathroom or a home office. Added bonus? A metallic wallpaper will instantly bring a comfortable yet fashion-forward vibe to your abode.

When it comes to texture, we love the look of all grass clothed textured papers. It is another simple way to create that modern luxury feel in your space. With the paper we used in this bathroom we designed, we mixed the best of both worlds.

Large Scale Floral Wallpaper

Yes, we said it. Floral! However, modern era floral. No more tiny, repeated floral patterns slapped up on all four walls creating a chaotic, busy space. Instead, modern era floral has come back in a BIG way!

New age floral wallpaper is here in a much more sophisticated manner. The floral designs have grown in scale, and are a fabulous way to add an element of visual interest to your room. At Lisa Scheff, we love the detail a  playful, oversized floral design adds to a nursery, a bathroom, and even a laundry room!

New Age floral paper can make a dramatic and striking statement wall. Some floral papers are so large that they turn the wall into a wondrous mural in your home. When you choose wallpaper like this, you can expect your wallpaper to be the focal point of your room. You won’t even need to hang artwork on your walls; your wallpaper will attract plenty of attention

Space Specific Wallpapers

Some wallpaper is so perfect for a space that it is like it was created just for use in it. These can be abstract designs, western influenced designs, or even a fairy tale themed design!

The versatility is one of the best things about wallpaper. It comes in all shapes, sizes, patterns, materials, textures, and designs ensuring that there is one for whatever look you want to achieve. It allows you to fully customize any space into becoming the exact space you’d dreamed of.

If you’re planning to remodel or renovate your home, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at wallpaper trends and give us a call and well help you decide.

Room Refresh in 2019!

Happy New Year!

2018 brought a lot of great things! It was a busy year here at Lisa Scheff Designs, and for that we are thankful. We are lucky to have a loyal and growing client base and look forward to what 2019 brings! New trends, new rooms, and new challenges are what we are looking forward too!

At Lisa Scheff Designs, we love the Holiday season as much as everyone else! The decorations, the desserts, and the time spent with family and friends around the table. While we love the season and all the joy and love that comes along with it, we would be lying if we didn’t mention that we are also pretty excited when the hustle and bustle are finally over. January 2nd, all our routines fall back into place, and life re-enters its normal pace. We all head back to work, turn our auto-replies off, and settle in for the winter months.

January 2 is also the first test day for those New Years Resolutions. Whether it’s cutting your hair, shedding a few pounds, or even taking steps to refresh one of the spaces in your home with a unique facelift. You may have noticed after hosting this holiday season that your home could use a bit of a refresh. There is nothing better than starting a new year with a new look, and that includes updating one of your favorite spaces! You know what they say: New year, new room! After all, what is more, important than creating a space that you and your family love to come home to?

If your resolution includes some new furniture, a paint refresh, and you’re dreaming of a brand new space to ring in 2019, we are here to share some inspiration for you! This is one of the latest living rooms that we completed, and we love it so much, we are sharing it as inspiration for all your New Years Resolutions. It is simple, inviting, and stunning. It is the kind of space that makes you want to come home, kick your shoes off and relax in this sun-drenched room, curled up with a good book. Or chatting with friends over a game of cards.

So what do you think? Are you ready for a room refresh? If so, give us a call!

No Cutting Corners in Interior Design


In life, a cut corner usually means a less satisfying, and often incomplete end result. Doing things in a manner less than required will sometimes save money or time, but at what cost?

When it comes to creating the spaces that turn your house into a home, going “the cheaper” route is very rarely the option that goes the distance.

Scope of Work

At the beginning of every project, after discussing our clients desired outcome, we create a Scope of Work. This presentation gives our clients a clear vision of what we think would be the best bet for the room we are designing. The Scope of Work includes a detailed space plan, project goals, and items required for each room.

In the Scope, we provide an estimation of the high end and low-end budget for the project. We break it down to list each item we believe would be useful in creating your dream space. The Scope also estimates the number of hours and resources that will be dedicated to your project. From the beginning, we are able to come up with a solid idea regarding what will be spent creating your space. You can trim the cost by choosing the lower end of the budget represented in the scope or deciding to cut products out of the scope.

We understand that the cost of complete design services can come as a surprise to some. But it is for a good reason. The product is often times customizable to fit the exact space, needs and colors of the room we are designing. Also, the products bought through an interior designer are far superior to those purchased elsewhere. They last for years on end-which, in the end, saves our clients money! Having a quality sofa last many years, even if it costs a bit more up front, is far better than purchasing 3 cheaper sofas in the same time frame.

Designer Perks

Not only are the products purchased high end but the price you pay for the expertise is worth the extra. Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that looked great in the store, but was too big once you got it home? Or didn’t look great with the rest of your furniture?  How about have you ever painted a room over and over trying to find the right color? Truth is, this is where the cost of a designer becomes exponentially worth it. Hiring a designer helps you avoid costly mistakes. Your sofa will fit, and match the color palette of the room on the first try.  And if you’re on a realistic budget, a designer is going to know how to get the best value out of that. We are used to working on a line item budget and will help you understand where your money is going.

When looking for a designer, remember the perks that come along with hiring a professional. When working with Lisa Scheff Designs, we remain very transparent in our pricing and create a range for our clients so they can choose which route they’d like to go. Cutting corners is never in our Scope.

If you are ready to hire a professional for your interior design needs, contact us!

Highpoint Market Trends | Fall 2018

While you are relaxing on your Thanksgiving evening, dosing in and out of that turkey induced nap, and plotting your Black Friday plan of attack, it is the perfect time for us to share what design trends have recently popped up on our radar!

Twice a year, the Lisa Scheff team takes a trip to High Point Market-the largest furniture and design market. On these trips we seek out the latest trends and get inspired by other companies and designers. The previous spring market sent us home with our creative juices overflowing. This Fall trip was all of that and then some! We love walking through High Point, head on a swivel, taking it all in. We keep our client’s projects in mind, look for the perfect pieces to complete the vision, and take ideas home to share with all of you!

Here are three of the top trends we spotted throughout the entire market, and have big plans for in 2019!

Trend | Shades of Grey:

Every time we visit High Point, we notice the colors that continuously pop up in each display, and we take note. Last year, I remember writing about the colors dark green and blush being used in almost every display. But this year those colors were nowhere to be seen. That just goes to show that trending colors come and go just as quickly as the seasons (literally).

However, this market was different. High Point Fall 2018 was all about shades of gray. To be honest, we have always had a soft spot for grey, so we were happy to see this! Grey is classic, timeless, and trend-proof. From moody and stormy to soft and delicate, grey is one of the most versatile colors in our palette. We saw it on couches, in blankets, artwork, lamps, and even rugs-and we loved all of it!

Trend | Bold Geometrical Patterns:

While we saw the safe grey all over High Point, we also saw the use of bold geometric patterns as accent pieces. Benches, lamps, wallpaper, credenzas, you name it! These patterns, when used correctly, give a room personality and add an element of surprise. Plus, when you have a room that needs a little bit of contrast piece with a geometric design is the way to go.

The clean lines and simple color palettes recede into the background but provide the perfect visual texture in any room. We are all about this trend, when used correctly. When it comes to adding geometric patterns, scale is everything. Too much of a good thing can be dizzying, depending on the size of the space. Interested in incorporating a piece like this into your home? We can help!

Trend | Making A Statement:

We are big fans of using a statement piece in a room. Something that draws the eye and keeps the space moving and lively. A statement piece is the perfect middle ground between bold patterns and neutral tones. Not too much, not too little-always just enough.

Statement pieces provide a functional wow-factor, remain timeless and add some eye-catching excitement to the room. These are a great way to let your style really shine through in the room you are designing. When it comes to planning the inside of your home we always suggest showing your personality through parts of the design.

At High Point Market this year, we saw great ways to make a bold statement through a single piece of furniture. There were side tables with eye catching patters, chairs with shiny, new age design, and benches that look like metal weave! We are excited to incorporate some of these ideas into our designs!

If you are considering treating yourself to a room renovation this holiday season, perhaps these trends will persuade you to do just that. And if you need help incorporating these grays, geometric accents, or statement piece trends into your home, give us a call! We are here to help with all of your design and inspiration needs. Contact Us Today!

Master Bathroom Staging

Sometimes a little staging is all you need to finish a space.

Your room may be done, but without the right accessories in the right places, it will never feel finished.  This master bathroom had been renovated, but our client felt like it was missing something, so we came in to work some design magic with staging package.

Bathroom before and after

The first step was to change the bookcase for a table to give some contrast and open up the space.  We love this geometric black metal table against the soft beige walls.

On the vanity we introduced a set of hand towels that blend the beige and grey palette perfectly.  We also added some accessories to the counter – some are functional and some are simply there to add to the aesthetic.  We like to use the rule of three when placing accessories, and you can see that in the grouping on the left. It is also important to have height variation when grouping accessories to create visual interest.

Over the toilet, we hung a piece of art that the client already owned that picked up on the tones of the bathroom beautifully while introducing a calm and serene beach theme.  That theme was carried into the driftwood accessory you saw on the counter.

The toilet was given a bowl of potpourri, and the wastebasket carried through the beige color palette.

Now the bathroom feels finished and put together without being overdone.  The space feels livable, yet pretty and polished.

Looking to style a space of your own? We’d love to help.  Call today to us about our styling package. 

Think Autumn

Think Autumn

With Labor Day upon us, the unofficial end of summer has arrived.  As we begin to transition to fall, pumpkin spice everything emerges from its summer slumber, chrysanthemums begin to bloom, and fall decor ideas take over the shelves of retail stores.

Piles of pumpkins, bails of hay and gorgeous fall wreaths being to grace the front steps of American homes, but what about the indoors?


We love this time of year.

The arrival of crisp morning air, the warm afternoons with cool evenings, and the beautiful fall harvests.  We love bringing the outdoors in when it comes to our fall decor ideas: pumpkins, dried ears of corn, bright leaves, twigs, berries and more.

The White Pumpkin

white pumpkins
The white pumpkin trend is great one for bringing the fall indoors.  The white is great addition to most
design aesthetics while introducing a bit of autumn to your home.  Fill a bowl, pop them on your bookcase, or add them to your mantel decor.  Be creative with your fall decor ideas.

Table Decor

Table Decor

Leaves, guards, pumpkins and branches create a beautiful dining table display.  Add in some candles to provide height or even a floral arrangement and you have a gorgeous fall display.

Think Cozy Textures and Warm Colors

Fall decor is all about the textures and the color palette.  Burlap, rustic woods, burnt orange and deep reds make are the way to go for creating your fall design.  A pop of teal makes a great addition to the typical fall aesthetic breaking up the rest of your palette when thinking about fall decor ideas.

How do you decorate for fall? Do you keep your decorations to the front porch or do you bring the outdoors in?

Who said “Size doesn’t matter?”

Size Matters! Rug Size that is.

We see it often in client’s homes.  They bought a rug for a room, but the rug size is off making the room feel small and the furniture feel disconnected.

Its hard to visualize what a rug will look like in your home while you’re at a store.  The rug you thought was huge hanging on the rack is actually two sizes too small when you get it home.  This is why we draw every space before we purchase items for it so that we know the best rug size for the space and the furniture.  We want to know what scale is best for the room.

Here are some general pointers when shopping for the right rug for your home.

Bigger is Better

The difference between a 5’x7′ and an 8x’10’ might be the difference between a cohesive look and a chopped up room. In general, bigger is better when it comes to area rugs.  Our goal is make the room feel as large as possible, and the scale of the rug is a big influence on that. 

Be sure to take cues from your room for both the rug size and its orientation. The rug should be proportional to the space (large rooms = large rugs) and placed to echo its dimensions (long room = orient lengthwise).

Rug Sizing by Room

In each room there are some guiding principals to consider when selecting the right size area rug. 

Living Room

In the living room, your have two options in selecting a rug: all furniture legs on the rug or only the front legs on the rug.

All Legs on the Rug

This layout, which does require the largest rug, is the best choice for anchoring a living room, especially within an open-concept space or for any furniture grouping that floats (has no furniture against a wall). Placing all furniture entirely on the rug will unify the pieces and create a defined seating area.

Front Legs on the Rug

This versatile option works especially well when one edge of the furniture grouping is against a wall. (You don’t need to pay for a rug to cover a spot no one sees!) Consistency is key for a cohesive look, so the rug should be sized to allow for front-legs only across all pieces. 

Dining Room

Both the shape of your room and dining table should make the rug choice clear—whether it’s rectangular or round.

Our only advice is to put all legs on the rug for this room.  It should extend 36 inches beyond all sides of the table (no less than 24), so chairs can sit on a flat surface, even when pushed back. Don’t forget to account for extendable leaves, if your table has them.


As the focal point of the room, your bed should also be the base for rug placement. Not only will this further define space, but will also give your feet a soft spot to land each morning.

All Legs on the Rug

This all-inclusive layout extends beyond the bed to its accompanying furniture, like nightstands or a bench—but does not include bedroom pieces along other walls, like dressers.  This will require the largest size rug. 

The bedroom is one of the spaces we see the most undersized rugs.  Make sure that you aren’t hiding your whole rug under your bed without showing off any of it in the room. This will make your bed feel oversized for the room, and the whole room feel out of scale.

Need some help looking for the right size rug?  A designer drawing can help you determine the best size and shape for the room.

We'd love to help.

It all started with a piece of art.

Bold teal abstract artOur client had a sofa, a chair and a newly renovated living room, but two piece of furniture does not make for a beautiful living room.   This design started with a piece of art.  The bold teal, and subtle cream and gold inspired the color palette for this grey living room.

Abstract Art

How lovely is this abstract piece? We love that it has an ocean feel with “waves” and a sort of “current” running through it.  Very tranquil for a room designed to relax in.

a living room inspired by abstract art


The teal front he art was reintroduced in the accessories.  This ceramic vase was the perfect pop of color on the other side of the room to balance out the space.

color palette inspired by abstract teal art

We continued the teal in the pillows and throw picking up on the many shades of teal in the piece of art.  There is also a subtle hint of teal and gold in the fabric on the custom Roman shades.  How pretty is that “Moroccan tile” pattern in the fabric?  We love the new twist on an old classic!

abstract teal art over a sofa

The white washed grey table provides beautiful contrast against the dark grey sofa. We love this piece because its is functional, but also has great style.  We styled the table with a few great accessories that pick up on the subtle tones from the art.

lamp an throw

The lamp tables highlight the white wash finish from the cocktail table, and the ceramic lamps pick up a subtle shade of blue to carry on the color palette from the art. We love the proportions of this vignette.  Nothing makes a room feel smaller than the wrong proportion of furniture!

tv console

Directly across from the piece of art is a gorgeous TV console in a warm washed wood.  This finish picks up on the tones in the sofa.  We accessorized it with a pop of color in the ceramic vase and a bit of greenery.  The remaining items pick up on the “driftwood” look of the washed pieces of furniture and the dark metal base of the lamp tables.  Plus, we always love a few stacks of books in our accessories.

All in all, we love this room.  We’re always happy to work with clients existing  pieces to help make them work in a room while finishing the design.

For more photos of this space, check out our portfolio.

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