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Enjoy the Bathtub of Your Dreams

Bathtub Inspiration

After a long day, nothing relieves stress quite like a soak in a beautiful bathtub with a candle burning and a glass of wine in hand. Bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes to fit any bathroom aesthetic. Here are a few of our favorites from recent projects for some bathtub inspiration.

Marble Bathroom with large Soaking Bathtub

This glamorous bathroom design features marble on marble and an expansive, deep soaking tub looking out over a beautiful view of rural Connecticut.  This glamorous design is certainly bathroom goals.

Marble Bathtub Marble Bathtub and Shower, bathtub inspiration

Marble Bathtub, Brass Fixtures, bathroom inspiration

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Simple Bathtub with Soothing Color Palette

While that last bathtub inspiration was about the overstate, this room is about simple design, clean lines, and restful colors  . We love this guest bathroom – especially the art over the toilet!
tone-on-tone bathtub inspiration

tone-on-tone bathtub inspiration

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Black White Bathroom with Shallow White Bathtub

Black and white bathroom design with a pop of blue and orange makes for a modern yet retro feel,  We love the simplicity of the subway tile, and the stark contrast of the black accent tile.
black and white bathtub inspiration

black and white bathroom inspiration

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Navy and Cream Bathroom with Tile Tub Surround

Now here’s a room that screams “boy bathroom”!  This navy and khaki scheme is gorgeous and the colorful bug prints are a fun touch for this growing family’s main bathroom.

kids bathroom inspiration kids bathroom inspiration

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Large Soaking Tub with Roman Shades and Crystal Pendant

What about this room doesn’t say, come and relax?  From the beautiful top-down-bottom up Roman shades to the adorable crystal chandelier, this clawfoot tub is a dream.
Clawfoot tub - bathroom inspiration for glamorous design

Ready to tackle your bathroom renovation?  We can help! 

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When designing or redesigning a room in your house, one will often find themselves putting a lot of their attention on the major design pieces such as furniture, lighting fixtures, rugs, etc. While these are all important pieces of the design, putting too much attention on them as the core pieces could leave you overlooking some parts that are just as important to the room such as the walls. Walls can be so much more than just a place to hang art and photos. By creating an accent wall, they become a unique statement focal point in the design.

Living room with purple wall and chevron tile wall, paired with antique gold furniture and patterned upholstery.

An accent wall, also referred to as a feature wall, is a wall that stands out and is different from the rest of the walls in the room. You can create an accent wall with the use of different paint colors or even a completely different material. There are decorative paint techniques or faux finishes, wallpaper, wall murals, decorative wood paneling, and stone or tile. Check out one of our kitchen renovations where we incorporated a wallpaper accent wall into the built-in eating area.

So what are some reasons you might be inclined to create an accent wall in your home? They can be used to break up a large room, highlight or emphasize a unique architectural piece, make a room appear larger to the eye, or even be used as an alternative to trying to fill the wall space with art or photos.

Now with any bold design choice there are always important things to know and be mindful of.

Choosing the Right Color

Warm colors tend to make a room appear smaller as they pull the eye towards the wall where as cool colors pull away. So say you have a smaller or narrower bedroom and you want an accent wall behind the head of the bed, you might consider choosing a cooler color (blue, green, purple) to widen or elongate the room.

Balanced Transition

While white walls on the side of your accent wall can be bold and beautiful, they can also go the route of being to stark bright or harsh on the eyes. Try to balance of the transition of colors/material by using neutral colors on the side such as grey, beige, greige.

Modern open concept dining and living room with wooden plank accent wall and chrome chandelier.

Have a wall in your house you can see getting transformed into a unique accent wall? Struggling to decide what paint or material would be the best choice? We’d love to help. Call us today to book your in-home consultation.

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Kitchen and Bath Trends

We’re back from the kitchen and bath industry show in Orlando and reflecting on the trends we spotted and the inspiration we came home with.

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Transitional Home Design

Everyone loves a good before and after transformation, and we’re no exception.  This two-phase home renovation updated all but two rooms of the first floor of this house bringing the house from dated to a beautiful transitional design.

photo collage of transformation

Phase One

From the outside, this typical New England home may not look impressive, but inside the painted cedar shake and bright red door is a beautiful and expansive first floor transformation featuring a colorful palette in the main living spaces and a soothing a restful scheme in the master suite.  The two-phase project renovated the whole first floor (less two rooms) transforming not only the home of a Weston, MA couple, but also transforming their lives inside that home.
before and after family room

The Motivation to Renovate

Phase one of this project was motivated by the need for an elevator in the home, and it focused on the main living area of the house: the family room, kitchen, and mudroom.  These areas were designed to create a family gathering space for a growing extended family while keeping the home handicap accessible for the husband who was in a wheelchair.  Special consideration was given to where and how the wheel chair would fit in the family room, to the height of the dining table so the arms of the wheelchair would fit underneath, and to the thickness of rugs for ease of moving from space to space.
before and after game table

Open-Concept Kitchen and Family Room

The main goal of the design of this space was to provide as much seating as possible. In the kitchen/family room open concept space, we provided a comfortable sectional, cocktail table with removable ottomans for additional seating when the whole crew was there to visit, a game table for family and friend gatherings, a hidden desk inside the built-ins, so the wife could be with the family while still online checking email, and able to quickly hide the mess when she wanted to tuck it all away, a kitchen table with extendable leaves, and island seating for the grandchildren.
before and after sectional
By moving the entrance to the kitchen, we were able to create a beautiful flow while still allowing the client to have a full mudroom with storage and room for an elevator from the basement to eliminate the need for the husband to use a long ramp from the driveway. This change also transformed the exterior of the house by removing the long ramp.
before and after open concept

Phase Two

However, just a short-time later – just over a year from our final installation, the husband passed away.  After the funeral was complete, the wife realized that she needed to renovate her master bedroom suite to make the space feel like her own and help her to move on. The furniture in the bedroom was a wedding present from an aunt and uncle and never really felt like her style, but she had lived with it for 40 years.  In transitioning into a new life on her own, it felt like the right time to fill the space with pieces that she loved because it was finally time to do something for herself.
before and after bed

Master Bedroom Transformation

We began the planning process quickly and started the renovation late winter/early spring of 2017.  The master bedroom was turned into a restful oasis with calm and soothing colors. Our palette for this space was taupe and cream with a pop of glitz in metallic finishes such as the statement making chandelier. The master bathroom and master closet carry that palette throughout with warm and bright tile and countertops, rich taupe walls and beautiful brushed nickel finishes.
before and after bedroom

Master Bathroom Transformation

In considering the floor plan, we changed the hallway in the master suite and moved a wall to make room for a large walk-in closet, create a proportional sized bathroom, and enhance the flow of the space coming from the foyer, through the study and entering the master bedroom.
before and after shower

Office Transformation

The office that was once the husband’s workspace is now the home of the wife’s computer.  Creamy built-ins, gorgeous wallpaper, comfortable and stylish upholstery and a beautiful desk make a wonderful place for her to work.
before and after study
The biggest transformation in the space is turning the floor plan completely around and having the desk face out of the large picture window so the wife can take advantage of the beautiful scenery rather than having it to her back.
before and after study

Powder Room Transformation

The final piece of this phase was to transform the powder room off the kitchen which was not touched during the phase one renovations.  We carried in the same colorful palette to provide continuity featuring a beautiful backsplash and show stopping navy grasscloth wallpaper. Something interesting to note is that the penny tile used in the powder room is the same exact stone as in the kitchen, but with the change in shape and in sheen, the tile feels entirely different but flows well from room to room.

before and after powder room

For more photos of this beautiful transformation, check out our portfolio page.

If you are looking for help panning your own renovation, we’d love to work with you.  

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Our favorite team memories from 2017

We have a lot of fun at Lisa Scheff Designs.  Here is just a glimpse into a year in the life of the Lisa Scheff Designs team.

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A few of our favorite projects from 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we’re taking a minute to reflect on a few of our favorite projects this year.  Take a look at the beautiful transformations.

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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

One thing we believe at Lisa Scheff Design’s is that everyone’s home should be a perfect, comfortable and expressive retreat where they begin and end their days. It should be a reflection of you and your family, but also be functional which is why we believe everyone needs an interior designer.

With the existence of HGTV, Home Goods, Michaels, Pinterest and a little motivation, why would anyone need to hire a designer? Because a designer isn’t just there for inspiration (although they are certainly good for it) but they are there to provide the science behind the design and make sure that you are happy with every piece, the first time. Interior design is a skill that far outreaches that of just choosing color palettes and furniture.

Hiring a designer will save you time:

Interior designers are not only formally trained, but they also have years of working experience (which everyone knows is where you really learn). We have spent literally thousands of hours researching products, finding new solutions, and building beautiful spaces. We have the ability to find products in hours what would potentially take a client weeks.

You may be thinking “it’s just a great room, I can do it.”

  • What kind of rug? How big should it be?
  • Where should we hang lights? How do I avoid hot spots?
  • What size art should I use?
  • How tall should my cocktail table be? And my end tables?

And money:

Imagine going out and choosing a sofa that you believe will be a perfect fit for your space. Once you get it home, you realize that it is blocking your door, or a walkway or the color isn’t right and it clashes with the rest of your room. What would you do? Never use that door or walkway again? Repaint the room?  With a designer, you are less likely to make an expensive mistake like this.

At Lisa Scheff Designs, we provide room drawings, floor plans and design boards for each room before deciding on anything to purchase for your home. We have conversations about your views, desires, and overall desired outcome. These conversations and documents not only save you a headache but also eliminates the potential for an expensive mistake.

In addition to saving you from a costly mistake, interior designers also have access to quality products and trade-only pieces. Often times, this connection gets you high quality, custom pieces at less than retail prices.

Design World Liasion-Stress Reliever:

We’ve worked with a lot of different installers, contractors, electricians, and painters, so you don’t have to go through the process of finding one yourself. We also speak their language and, if included early enough, we can work as a team to en

sure your space is completed just the way you dreamed and we planned it would be. Leave it to us-we know what we’re doing.

Finally, we have experience solving problems. Every project, big or small, presents its challenges. No worries- we are trained and have experience coming up with solutions that work. Leave the stress to us.

We get it. Hiring a designer can be intimidating. You could be concerned about the process, whether you will agree with their ideas, or even afraid of the price tag. Don’t be afraid, reach out to us and we can explain our process and pricing.

Ready to hire a designer to tackle a project at your house – we would love to talk with you.

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Something we are well versed in is pet-friendly design ideas. A lot of our clients, past and present, are pet lovers. So it is often that we are asked whether the sofa, the chair or the rug we chose for a room will stand up to the homeowner’s dogs, cats or even bunnies! Luckily, we have quite a few options when it comes to protecting against pets, or hiding any pet imperfections on furniture.

Performance Fabrics

First and foremost, we always suggest a performance fabric for all upholstered items that a pet and/or young children will be spending a lot of time on. Luckily, quite a few of our fabric lines carry a variety of beautiful pet-friendly performance fabrics which can be used to create a fabulous and functional upholstered item.

Most performance fabrics are stain, moisture, and odor resistant (trifecta)! This means that they won’t smell like Rover or stain from muddy paws. They are also incredibly easy to clean, saving you time and stress. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to clean these pet-friendly fabrics.

Textured/Shabby Chic Decor

Do you have animals who shed a lot? Or cats who like to scratch? One suggestion is to design your house in the shabby chic trend! Shabby chic is a design style that uses both aged furniture and newer items to create a cohesive look within the home. Marrying trends from the past with trends that are current, you can create a very unique, shabby chic interior. The benefit to this trend is often most of the items are distressed, therefore disguising any fur, scratches or imperfections caused by loved pets.

Along with the shabby chic trend, we have suggested pet owners purchase a rug that matches with their pets fur color. Or purchase a sofa with a fabric that will easily camouflage any fur your pet leaves behind. This way you don’t have to vacuum as often.

Pepper and Zoe

Cordless Window Treatments

Cords on window treatments aren’t just a threat to children, but they can also be a safety hazard to pets as well. Not only are they a safety hazard, but dogs have also been known to chew and tug on the cords. We always suggest it is best to avoid a cord completely. Nowadays there are many pet-friendly cordless window blind options, which completely eliminate any hazard to your pets and children. These blinds remain fashionable, functional and pet safe.


Want to spoil your pet just a little bit? A few of our go-to vendors make dog and cat beds fit for a king (or queen)! If you don’t want your pets on your new sofa, just buy them their own!

If you would like some help pet-proofing your home, give us a call! We have all the right pet-friendly products and just the right coworkers to test them all out.

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Autumn Design Trends | MA Interior Design

Today’s drop in temperature really confirmed it – autumn is here! It is the time of year when New England really shows its true colors. Oranges, reds, and yellows come together in perfect harmony. The colors change on the trees and it becomes time for pumpkin spice everything, bonfires, hot apple cider, and sweaters. We, at Lisa Scheff Designs, really love fall decor and a lot of the design trends we are seeing this fall. As we head into Highpoint Market in the coming weeks, we are trying to do our research on what we may see there in trends.

Dark Green & Blush

We mentioned it in a previous blog post, but it is worth mentioning again- dark green is so in right now. Making a comeback from the 80-90s, dark green was all over High Point Market in the spring and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. It is a perfect statement color, when you are looking to make a bold statement, simply. It is dark, it is moody and it gives a feeling of royalty.

Another color we are keeping an eye on is blush. We see it everywhere but are wary. Pink is a color that comes and goes as often and as quickly as the seasons change. We love using this color as an accessory or a pillow because these can be easily replaced next time blush goes by the wayside. We are not entirely sold on painting a wall, cabinets or tiling a bathroom in this color.

Blush and Green Trend


Now, we’ve always loved velvet. Velvet is popular right now in both fashion and interiors (wake us up when Juicy Couture suits are back in style). Velvet is a great way to make a bold statement with both color and texture. It can be used in many different ways around a room.You could go big with a velvet couch drenched in luxurious color, or you could go small and incorporate a velvet poof in the center of your room. Velvet drapery is also an interesting way to add subtle excitement to any room. Let’s be honest, velvet is also a great way to instantly add a luxurious vibe to your interior.  It looks great and its oh-so-soft. Who wouldn’t love snuggling up with a velvet pillow and their pumpkin spice latte.

Velvet Post


Using nailheads on upholstered furniture is nothing new and we do it often at Lisa Scheff. Nailheads are a great way to add an extra design element to your upholstered furniture. Often we will outline the interesting shapes of a chair with a nailhead, but you can take it one step further and add a design to a piece that doesn’t already exist. We have also put nailheads on mirrors, tables, an ottoman, even a desk!

Have we piqued your interested? If you need help incorporating any of these trends into your home, give us a call! We are here to help with all of your design and inspiration needs.


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Color and Lighting are Related

In this video, interior designer, Eliza discussed how varying lighting has an impact on how we see colors.  Lighting is measured in a variety of temperatures.  Generally, we prefer to use a warmer toned bulb which emits a more white or even yellow type glow.  Other bulbs, particularly LEDs emit a more blue toned light.  This range of temperature directly impacts how our eyes view the colors in a room.

Can’t listen right now?  Here’s what Eliza had to say below:

Hey guys, the is Eliza from Lisa Scheff Designs.  I wanted to give you a design tip that is something that we also have to keep in mind whenever we’re accessorizing a room.  We always want to make sure that we look at everything going into the room actually in the room itself so that we’re seeing it in the lighting that is in the room. Whether its a light fixtures that is giving light to the room, or natural light from a window coming in, it will vary how your accessories look based on the lighting that’s in the room.

So for example, we had gone to a local store and purchased this towel for staging this bathroom. In a store, typically any general merchandise store, they will use a very cool light that will cast a very blue tone to the materials and to the accessories. This looked much more grey and cool in the store itself, and then we brought it in here, and as you can see its much more warm and has more taupey-brown color than the shower curtain, so we felt like this actually wasn’t a match once it was in and we opted to just use a fresh white towel.

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Check our this video and other design tips on our YouTube channel. 

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Lisa’s help on our major kitchen/family room renovation was invaluable. She is one very smart woman, with wide ranging talent and ability in all aspects of interior design, from architectural design of the space to designing lighting plans. Most importantly for us, she improved our architect’s design by seeing the space in a fresh and creative way that numerous other contractors and architects had missed – this gave us additional kitchen space and a more open flowing design. Another example of Lisa’s out-of-the-box thinking was her idea to hide my desk in a cabinet, rather than have an actual desk occupy space in the room. Even my hard-to-please engineer husband was truly impressed (especially since he also missed these ideas!) I am so happy that I used Lisa from the beginning of this project, rather than just for the actual color/furniture/coordination selection process. … and I am so happy that I also had her help for this part too. I love how she helped me: cheerfully and patiently guiding me, offering me lots of choices, explaining her advice, being always practical about her choices and with my money, and, of course, most importantly, leaving me with two really beautiful rooms that our entire family loves and enjoys. I have heard many people complain about their huge projects – but I think if you choose the right people to help you, the process can be a pleasure. Lisa made this true for us, so I give her my highest recommendation. Thank you, Lisa!

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 Why Buy from an Interior Designer?

  • Design advice with every purchase
  • Ensure each element will fit the overall concept of the room and home with the appropriate scale, color and function
  • Save time with selections, fabric samples, and design boards brought to you

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