Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design

Don’t let the intimidation of the re-model process interfere with your desire for a new kitchen design or bathroom design.

Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design White Master Bathroom Oasis- white cabinets, chrome finishes, soft blue wallsWe understand that kitchen and bathroom renovations can feel overwhelming.  Our comprehensive interior design firm offers full service kitchen design and bathroom design and installation services.

Our design team will help with the whole process from creating a design and determining the best use of space to selecting the right products for your lifestyle.

Lisa Scheff Designs will help you with the entire process of designing or redesigning your kitchen or bathroom. Many decisions need to be made during a renovation, but our skilled staff can advise you on flooring, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, countrtop Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design - White and red kitchen, white granite, white cabinets, red bar stoolsmaterials, cabinetry, and finishing touches like paint or wallcoverings.

The Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design Process

We want the renovation process to feel effortless for you, which is why we manage your process from planning through completion.

After an intial consultation, our design team will begin conceptual drawings.  Based on the approved layout and drawing, we will create a Scope of Work outlining the items and labor needed to complete the renovation along with a range in budget for those items.

Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design - Custom Cabinetry ShelvingClients often ask about buget at their initial consultation.  While every project is unique, we find that a complete kitchen renovation starts at $60,000 and up, while a bathroom renovation starts at $20,000 and up.

Following the completion of the Scope of Work, we begin the fun part – selecting products.  Our staff begins drawing your cabinetry while you look at wood finishes, and door styles.  Our staff will walk you through selecting plumbing fixtures, countertop materials, tile, light fixtures, etc.  Once approved, we take care of the ordering, tracking, receiving, and delivering.

If you are working with our contractors, we handle coordinating timing, scheduling sub-contractors and all those details.  If you choose to bring in your own contractor, we communicate with them to make sure all of the materials arrive on time according to their calendar.

Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design Services

  • Drawings and renderingsKitchen Design and Bathroom Design Products
  • Product Selections: Cabinetry, vanities, Countertops, hardware, Accessories, etc.
  • Custom Shower Design
  • Paint and Wallcovering Selection

Products We Offer

  • Custom and Semi-Custom Cabinetry
  • Countertops: Marble, Granite, Solid Surface, Laminate
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Flooring and Tile
  • Light Fixtures
  • Bath and Kitchen Fixtures
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture: Tables, Barstools, Dining Chairs, etc.

See how working with a design firm makes the process a breeze.







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Lisa’s help on our major kitchen/familyroom renovation was invaluable. She is one very smart woman, with wide ranging talent and ability in all aspects of interior design, from architectural design of the space to designing lighting plans. Most importantly for us, she improved our architect’s design by seeing the space in a fresh and creative way that numerous other contractors and architects had missed – this gave us additional kitchen space and a more open flowing design. Another example of Lisa’s out-of-the-box thinking was her idea to hide my desk in a cabinet, rather than have an actual desk occupy space in the room. Even my hard-to-please engineer husband was truly impressed (especially since he also missed these ideas!) I am so happy that I used Lisa from the beginning of this project, rather than just for the actual color/furniture/coordination selection process. … and I am so happy that I also had her help for this part too. I love how she helped me: cheerfully and patiently guiding me, offering me lots of choices, explaining her advice, being always practical about her choices and with my money, and, of course, most importantly, leaving me with two really beautiful rooms that our entire family loves and enjoys. I have heard many people complain about their huge projects – but I think if you choose the right people to help you, the process can be a pleasure. Lisa made this true for us, so I give her my highest recommendation. Thank you, Lisa!

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 Why Buy from an Interior Designer?

  • Design advice with every purchase
  • Ensure each element will fit the overall concept of the room and home with the appropriate scale, color and function
  • Save time with selections, fabric samples, and design boards brought to you

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