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Mudroom Design

mudroom design

Here is a summary of a recent mudroom design project for a family of five.

We love our mudrooms in New England.  Muddy boots, wet clothes from snow, sand covered flip flops from summer play; it all gets left behind in the mudroom helping to keep the rest of the house clean.

In mudroom design, there is a balance between look and function.  On the one hand, it is purely a functional space for storage, and a place to get ready to go outside. But on the other hand, when guests enter (assuming they don’t come through the front door), it is their first impression of your home, so we want it to be beautiful.

With that balance in mind, we designed this mudroom for a family of five and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Dora.

We began with a color palette.  The kitchen that this room flows into is this lovely blue, so we decided to carry that color into the mudroom.  The espresso cabinetry complements the paint well.  We chose the tile floor because its multi-dimensional tones would hide dirt well.

mudroom designOnce we had an initial design concept, we thought through function.  Just inside the door to the garage, we created a “purse-drop” for Mom.  This a location for her purse, keys, sun glasses, etc. to live. This cabinet is also a place for Dad to keep his keys, glasses, and other small items that he would grab on the way out the door.   No more roaming the house searching for keys as you are trying to race out the door.  Give those important items a home.

The closed storage here was created to house Dora’s things: food, bowls, leash, toys, they are all hidden away nicely.

The open shelf storage gives us a place to put baskets for gloves and hats in the winter. Baskets allow the mess to be hidden, while also providing some contrast by popping the light wicker off the espresso finish of the woodwork.

106_ScheffDesigns-2-2016While Mom and Dad are sharing the larger cabinet, each of the three little boys gets their own cubbie.  We LOVE this concept for families.  Everyone gets a spot for their own items, backpacks, coats, boots, cleats, etc.

Each boy has a place for shoes, a spot to sit to put on their shoes, two hooks for coats and backpacks, a basket for little items, and closed storage for items they don’t use every day.

Sure, it’s never going to look this empty with the boys’ things there, but the cubbie concept keeps everything contained.  A place for each things means that kids are more likely to put them away where they belong.

Would you like a space like this in your home?  Give us a call today to set up a consultation.

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Photo Credit: Leah Martin Photography


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The Process of Working with Lisa Scheff Designs

Many clients are looking for help on a large scale project such as putting an addition on their home, building a new house, or remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or other space. These projects are comprehensive and involve many detailed decisions. Projects of this scale can take six months to complete, and the larger the scope of the project, the longer the time frame will be.

Our projects follow a fairly predictable pattern, though nothing with home renovations in New England is cut and dry. We begin with an initial consultation which usually lasts one to two hours.  At this meeting, we provide you with a welcome packet explaining our services, products and procedures. The purpose of this meeting is to establish the scope of the project and to discover your personal style. This process involves asking questions in order to understand more about you, your wants and needs, your loves and hates and your lifestyle. We want to learn what’s meaningful to you, what you want your home to say about you, and how you want your home to feel.  Since our meetings are in your home, it will be easier to visualize our design solution. We will also know everything fits perfectly and coordinates with your existing furnishings. After establishing the scope of the project and your personal style, we will develop a plan together.

Back in the office, we write up a proposed scope of work. This scope outlines a budget for the project (both for product and design time) based on your goals for the renovation or redesign.  We will email you the contract so that you can review it; feel free to call us to ask any questions. Once we have agreed on a plan and budget, you sign and return the scope.

FullSizeRenderOnce we have received the signed scope of work, we begin our design process. First we develop your initial schematic designs including floor plans and design boards. This will help you visualize the plan.  Through this process, we design your palette which will give you a glimpse of your materials, finishes and colors, your millwork, custom cabinetry and much more. We provide fabric, wood and paint samples as well as pictures of furniture and sketches of custom items.

We then meet to review these initial plans and make revisions. We plan for two rounds of revisions within our estimated time budget. Once revisions have been made, we finalize all the drawings, layouts, custom finishes and details.  Following your approval of the design plan and layout, we move to purchasing, ordering, shipping, receiving, and inspecting. If something arrives broken (and something always does), we’re there to take care of it. We do not bill for any of the hours spent expediting and procuring your product, nor do we bill for the time problem solving any issues that arrive in the processes of ordering.

Concurrent to items being ordered, received and inspected, is construction. During this phase, we are your project manager.  We oversee and coordinate your process from construction, electrical, plumbing, lighting installation and every other imaginable facet of construction. From the ground up, we’re keeping an eye on your “punch list,” constantly reviewing and updating it, always ensuring that everything is being done correctly and beautifully.

As pieces arrive, we are gathering them at our receiving house to make sure that it is all inspected, organized, and ready for installation. When it is time for installation, we show up with truckloads of your goodies. We take care of all the big heavy lifting. (Well, we have fabulous strong guys who take care of all the big heavy lifting).

The project ends with the big reveal when it is time for you to come back into the space and see the concept come to life.


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The Cost and Value of Working with a Designer

FullSizeRender2When people think about hiring an interior designer, they are usually thinking about the aesthetics they want for their home; they think paint, pillows and accessories.  But a professional designer brings so much more insight to the table than just décor.  The goal of an interior designer is to create a cohesive space that flows and functions for the purpose of the room, while creating a space that is also beautiful.

Hiring an interior designer will prevent making costly mistakes in your home.  They will work to ensure that each element will fit the overall concept of the room and home with appropriate scale, color and function. They will also help you save time by bringing selections, fabric samples, and design boards to you rather than having to scour stores to find the right thing for you home.

055_Scheff-WilliamsburgDriveWhen a designer enters the space for the first time, they begin to envision what it will look like finished.  That vision becomes a concept by first drawing the space-plan and then creating a design board with colors, fabrics, and options for furniture and lighting.  This concept is the intellectual property that the designer creates for your specific room and the reason individuals hire a designer to begin with.  You may have a vision for your home, but an interior designer can help you bring it to life while making sure it satisfies nitty-gritty considerations, such as light placement and traffic flow. A trained eye and a creative mind-set allows for devising solutions that you would never have imagined, and attention to the tiniest details will transform your space into a haven that looks polished and pulled together.

When deciding to work with an interior designer, having clearly-defined project in mind will help with to keep you within budget.  Once you and your designer agree on a concept, items are specified that fit into the agreed upon budget – we call this part of the process, creating a scope of work.  Making changes late in a project or deciding to expand the scope of the work is going to increase the cost of the project which is why we work to solidify the scope first before selecting items for the design.

The costs associated with hiring an interior designer will vary quite dramatically from job to job. One homeowner may ask for help with their entire home, while another wants some professional assistance in only one room.  While there are several industry standards for how to structure fees, the most straight forward is hourly fees.  This is how Lisa Scheff Designs bills based on the actual amount of time that we contribute to a specific project. Current market prices for interior designer hourly rates vary between $75 and $250 per hour, depending on the location and the market area.  Lisa Scheff Designs bills at $125 per hour for all design services including concept creation, drawing floor plans and specifying products.

028_ScheffDesigns-8-5-2014When it comes time to purchase the product for a design, we encourage our clients to use Lisa Scheff Designs as their source.  The benefit to using us as your retail source is that we buy direct from manufacturers allowing you to purchase high end items for less than retail costs. We have access to lines that you cannot find at stores in our area which is why we visit High Point Furniture Market twice a year to visit the showrooms and see everything the lines have to offer.

If you have questions about the process of working with a designer or about a specific project you would like to work on, give us a call, or send us an email.  We would be happy to answer your questions.

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Master Bedroom Retreat

Not all bedrooms are as tranquil and chic as this one.  We love how this space came out.  The client wanted to keep their existing sleigh bed, but didn’t want the whole space to feel heavy from using dark woods.  We chose to pair the cherry with cream painted finishes which brighten up the space.

Master Bedroom

The space is a tone on tone palette featuring several shades of cream and grey.  We love these Vignette Modern Roman Shades for a touch of fabric, while not taking away from the masculine, architectural details that the woodwork and coiffured ceiling provide.

master bedroom

We carefully selected bedding for this room that wasn’t a bold pop of color, but that had an interesting element.  We LOVE this leather throw pillow, and the geometric pattern on the Euro Shams.  All that is missing now is a big piece of art over the bed.


A full length mirror adds brightness to a space and reflects the beautiful room, so that you can enjoy it from more angles.  Plus, this rustic wood provides an interesting detail in this tone on tone space.



Fresh flowers make the room feel finished.  They are the perfect details for any space. A book provides some height for the short frame to help balance the tall candles on the other side of the television.

Let us know what you think about this master bedroom retreat.

If you would like help turning your master bedroom into a luxurious and restful space, give us a call.  We would love to work with you.  


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Boys Bathroom in Navy Blue

This boys bathroom is part of a custom home remodel and addition.  We love the contrast between the navy walls, white wainscoting, and light wood cabinetry.   We wanted to create a space that was functional for the family now while the boys are young, but that would grow with them.

Boys Bathroom

Every room needs a point of inspiration, and this glass tile was ours. Notice how we used it as our back splash as well as decoratively around the tub.

Glass Tile Close Up

The blue tile adds a splash of color, breaking up the beige ceramic tile used for the tub surround.


We searched all of High Point market for the perfect art for this space.  Bugs! How perfect for a bathroom for little boys?

Boys Bathroom Bug Art

We hung three bug prints, filling the open wall space without making the bathroom feel cluttered.

Over toilet

We filled the open shelf storage with baskets to allow a place to store small items that didn’t fit inside the linen closet.


This bathroom is the perfect blend of fun pops and classic elements that the family can enjoy for years to come.

Let us know what you think of this space.

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Pantone Colors of 2016

Pantone Colors of 2016
Each year, Pantone, the world’s leading color authority, selects a shade that represents the mood and attitude of our culture. For 2016, Pantone made history by selecting the blending of two Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity.  The Pantone Colors of the year are softer than the spicy marsala, vibrant orchid and rich emerald we’ve seen in years past.

The soft tones complement each other in design:

Pantone Color of 2016Rose Quartz is a soft, sophisticated version of pale pink. Use it to add warmth and a touch of femininity to your home.

Pantone Color of 2016 - CopySerenity, a purple-toned blue that’s similar to periwinkle adds cool, tranquil tones to a room and brings in an elegant effect while still maintaining a calming, relaxed vibe.

We’re feeling inspired by the tranquility and simple elegance of Rose Quartz and Serenity. While pastels are often the perfect pick for a charming nursery or girly bedroom, they can also be used in sophisticated designs for the whole home.

We believe that trendy colors, such as the colors of the year should be used primarily in accessories so that they can easily be changed with the changing trends.  Use these pastel hues to complement strong, deep neutrals such as navy or chocolate brown.

Ready for some soft pastels in your home?  We have dozens of fabrics to choose from for pillows, accent chairs, throws, ottomans, and more.  Ask us about how to integrate this trend in your design.

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Guest Bedroom Ideas – Small Changes, Big Impact


guest bedroom ideasOver time, rooms begin to feel tired and dated as trends change and as we live with the same elements for years.

However, we often feel guilty wanting to make design changes when our furniture is not showing wear and tear, whether not wanting to spend the money or simply feeling wasteful.

BUT, don’t think just because you don’t want to replace your furniture, that you can’t completely update your space.

Take a look at this before and after of a guest bedroom that we recently completed.

The room started as the before to the left.  The client did not want to change the ceiling fan, bed, night stands or dresser, but we knew that new bedding and the right paint color would bring new life to those elements.

Lauren's Room Design BoardThe Design Process

The room begins as a concept on a tear sheet.  We presented a few color palettes that would work with the furniture.  To the right is the page that we ultimately selected.

The tear sheets are then turned into design boards where we present a mock up of the finished space.  In this case, we added the wall color, with a cream base which would ultimately become a duvet.

Lauren's Room Design Board 2

The After

The final product is a dramatic transformation bringing new life to this furniture.  The grey walls, allow the orange hue of the wood to pop, and the grey and cream bedding are a modern update adding a fun yet sophisticated flare.

Lauren's Room B&A

Small changes, but a huge transformation.

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Home Interiors – Our design philosophy

Home Interiors Inspired By You

“Personal Home Interiors Inspired By You.” That is the philosophy that we bring to our design projects.  We believe that your home should be designed for you and not for the latest trends. It should reflect your personality, your likes, your favorite colors and your personal style, not those of your designer. Your home has the ability to invigorate, relax, entertain and revive you. It should be a reflection of what you want to say and how you live your life– not your designer or society’s whims. We work to understand our clientele, their personalities, and their desires so that their space reflects their vision and goals for the project.

amanti 1As we work together with our clients to create a design concept, we aim to reflect who they are as an individual and as a family unit.  For this reason, successful design projects involve a strong relationship between the client and designer.  The home is as much an expression of a person’s lifestyle as it is about taste. We strive to realize the vision of each client so that it reflects their individual needs and personal style by creating an environment they will always love to come home to.DSCN0585

We want you to love the home you live in and to love to live in your home.  Our job is to create a functional, comfortable environment that uses your needs and style as a starting point. We help you discover your personal style and then effectively create a space around it. Often client’s don’t know what they like, but rather know what they don’t like.  This information is just as valuable,  helping us to guide them through the process of discovery as we learn together who you are and what you want for your space.

Cow ArtworkAccessories such as art shouldn’t simply match the color scheme but should evoke emotion in you that you want to feel every day when you look at it.  Your home does not  need to be (and frankly should not be) “matchy, matchy,” but rather should be a cohesive representation of your personality that flows from room to room.  Replicating a look or trend is never the intent, but rather the intent is to create a space that could only belong to that client for how they use their home.

That is not to say we don’t love a trend or work in trendy colors or designs, but we only use them when the client loves the look too.  We often say, it doesn’t matter what our taste or style is, any look can be successful: modern, transitional, traditional, country, rustic, etc.  What is important is using the correct scale and functionality, and  pulling together a cohesive palette to work with.

Ready to create the home of your dreams?  Allow us to help you discover your personal style and to create the look that you have been imagining.

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Curb Appeal

Upgrade the front of your house for enticing curb appeal

Curb AppealCurb appeal is the attractiveness of your home’s exterior when viewed from the street. Making a good first impression with your home is important all the time and especially important when you are preparing to sell your home.

Small changes to the face of your home can greatly improve its curb appeal, allowing you to much more greatly enjoy the view each day as you pull up to your home.  You can give the front of your house a personality in many ways, but first you need to evaluate its current status.

Stand across the street from your home in order to get the fullest view of the front, the driveway and the sides. Note any painting, repairs or replacements needed. Identify bushes or trees that are overgrown.

Walk towards your home and note landscaping needs such as edging, raking, weeding, pruning and trash removal. Look for items that should be removed or hidden such as hoses, sprinklers, trash cans or toys.

Lisa Scheff Designs Hunter Douglas Silhouettes outside view

Can you see through your front windows? Note interior views that detract from your home’s curb appeal.Proper window coverings in the front rooms of your house help not only provide privacy for those inside, but also add to your home’s curb appeal. Inspect your home’s walkway entrance. Note any cleaning, repairs, painting and lighting needs.

00-exterior-makeover-xNow that we’ve evaluated the current look, let’s talk about small changes we can make to greatly improve your home’s curb appeal. Start with the color and style of the front door, and always consider durability in the finish you select.  Notice how the red door pops off this white house. The windows in your door or surrounding your door can make a difference as well. Consider stained glass, etched glass, clear glass or frosted glass to create interest. 
Add-curb-appeal-to-your-home-Real-Estate-in-TucsonLandscaping also makes a first impression for your house. Plan the surrounding garden area to accent the good features of your front entrance. Consider adding a selection of potted plants near your front door. Pay attention to the surface and shape of your front walk, the driveway and garage door, and any fences, gates or hedges that provide privacy. Make plans this season to optimize the first impression your house makes.

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Living Room Decor – A Touch of Black is a Design Necessity

In design, we often hear, “Every room needs just a little black.”

living room decor with a Touch of BlackIn designing a new living room decor, there’s something about adding just one element of black that anchors the room and enhances the other colors. You and your guests may not even notice the touch of black, but it does make a difference.

Does this mean rooms without a black element are not complete?  Not at all. However, black adds impact and drama and mixes well with all colors.  Without being garish or bright, black is strong enough to command – and draw – attention wherever you place it.  It is extremely versatile in its ability to be both refined and elegant and, quite opposite, be casual and raw.

As for that touch, a little black can go a long way in adding drama, sophistication, seriousness or masculinity, and it can be used on anything from accents, furniture, artwork, countertops and fabrics.  Just remember that black is striking and it draws your eye to that element or shape.  And, just like that “little black dress”, it is always classic, versatile and in style.  That’s one of the best things about black; it never goes out of style, even as other colors rise and fall in popularity, so your black accents will probably outlast all your other design elements!

 Black goes well with so many colors, especially cream or any off-white – or even pure, snowy white. It also looks beautiful with bold jewel tones and soft pastels. Today, some people are even decorating with black as the primary color in their design scheme, but be cautious about using too much black – it can be overpowering.

touch of black 1 Ideas for a touch of black include:

  • Frames for paintings, photographs or mirrors
  • Granite or marble countertops in the kitchen or bath
  • Lamps or lampshades
  • Upholstery fabric – in moderation
  • Flooring
  • Lacquer moldings around windows and doors
  • A valance, top treatment or drapery rod
  • Leather-covered walls or wall coverings
  • The inside surfaces of a built-in shelving system
  • Wrought iron for stair railings or bed frames

 Anchor your home decor by adding a splash of black in every room this spring.

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