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Highpoint Market Trends | Fall 2018

While you are relaxing on your Thanksgiving evening, dosing in and out of that turkey induced nap, and plotting your Black Friday plan of attack, it is the perfect time for us to share what design trends have recently popped up on our radar!

Twice a year, the Lisa Scheff team takes a trip to High Point Market-the largest furniture and design market. On these trips we seek out the latest trends and get inspired by other companies and designers. The previous spring market sent us home with our creative juices overflowing. This Fall trip was all of that and then some! We love walking through High Point, head on a swivel, taking it all in. We keep our client’s projects in mind, look for the perfect pieces to complete the vision, and take ideas home to share with all of you!

Here are three of the top trends we spotted throughout the entire market, and have big plans for in 2019!

Trend | Shades of Grey:

Every time we visit High Point, we notice the colors that continuously pop up in each display, and we take note. Last year, I remember writing about the colors dark green and blush being used in almost every display. But this year those colors were nowhere to be seen. That just goes to show that trending colors come and go just as quickly as the seasons (literally).

However, this market was different. High Point Fall 2018 was all about shades of gray. To be honest, we have always had a soft spot for grey, so we were happy to see this! Grey is classic, timeless, and trend-proof. From moody and stormy to soft and delicate, grey is one of the most versatile colors in our palette. We saw it on couches, in blankets, artwork, lamps, and even rugs-and we loved all of it!

Trend | Bold Geometrical Patterns:

While we saw the safe grey all over High Point, we also saw the use of bold geometric patterns as accent pieces. Benches, lamps, wallpaper, credenzas, you name it! These patterns, when used correctly, give a room personality and add an element of surprise. Plus, when you have a room that needs a little bit of contrast piece with a geometric design is the way to go.

The clean lines and simple color palettes recede into the background but provide the perfect visual texture in any room. We are all about this trend, when used correctly. When it comes to adding geometric patterns, scale is everything. Too much of a good thing can be dizzying, depending on the size of the space. Interested in incorporating a piece like this into your home? We can help!

Trend | Making A Statement:

We are big fans of using a statement piece in a room. Something that draws the eye and keeps the space moving and lively. A statement piece is the perfect middle ground between bold patterns and neutral tones. Not too much, not too little-always just enough.

Statement pieces provide a functional wow-factor, remain timeless and add some eye-catching excitement to the room. These are a great way to let your style really shine through in the room you are designing. When it comes to planning the inside of your home we always suggest showing your personality through parts of the design.

At High Point Market this year, we saw great ways to make a bold statement through a single piece of furniture. There were side tables with eye catching patters, chairs with shiny, new age design, and benches that look like metal weave! We are excited to incorporate some of these ideas into our designs!

If you are considering treating yourself to a room renovation this holiday season, perhaps these trends will persuade you to do just that. And if you need help incorporating these grays, geometric accents, or statement piece trends into your home, give us a call! We are here to help with all of your design and inspiration needs. Contact Us Today!

Master Bathroom Staging

Sometimes a little staging is all you need to finish a space.

Your room may be done, but without the right accessories in the right places, it will never feel finished.  This master bathroom had been renovated, but our client felt like it was missing something, so we came in to work some design magic with staging package.

Bathroom before and after

The first step was to change the bookcase for a table to give some contrast and open up the space.  We love this geometric black metal table against the soft beige walls.

On the vanity we introduced a set of hand towels that blend the beige and grey palette perfectly.  We also added some accessories to the counter – some are functional and some are simply there to add to the aesthetic.  We like to use the rule of three when placing accessories, and you can see that in the grouping on the left. It is also important to have height variation when grouping accessories to create visual interest.

Over the toilet, we hung a piece of art that the client already owned that picked up on the tones of the bathroom beautifully while introducing a calm and serene beach theme.  That theme was carried into the driftwood accessory you saw on the counter.

The toilet was given a bowl of potpourri, and the wastebasket carried through the beige color palette.

Now the bathroom feels finished and put together without being overdone.  The space feels livable, yet pretty and polished.

Looking to style a space of your own? We’d love to help.  Call today to us about our styling package. 

Think Autumn

Think Autumn

With Labor Day upon us, the unofficial end of summer has arrived.  As we begin to transition to fall, pumpkin spice everything emerges from its summer slumber, chrysanthemums begin to bloom, and fall decor ideas take over the shelves of retail stores.

Piles of pumpkins, bails of hay and gorgeous fall wreaths being to grace the front steps of American homes, but what about the indoors?


We love this time of year.

The arrival of crisp morning air, the warm afternoons with cool evenings, and the beautiful fall harvests.  We love bringing the outdoors in when it comes to our fall decor ideas: pumpkins, dried ears of corn, bright leaves, twigs, berries and more.

The White Pumpkin

white pumpkins
The white pumpkin trend is great one for bringing the fall indoors.  The white is great addition to most
design aesthetics while introducing a bit of autumn to your home.  Fill a bowl, pop them on your bookcase, or add them to your mantel decor.  Be creative with your fall decor ideas.

Table Decor

Table Decor

Leaves, guards, pumpkins and branches create a beautiful dining table display.  Add in some candles to provide height or even a floral arrangement and you have a gorgeous fall display.

Think Cozy Textures and Warm Colors

Fall decor is all about the textures and the color palette.  Burlap, rustic woods, burnt orange and deep reds make are the way to go for creating your fall design.  A pop of teal makes a great addition to the typical fall aesthetic breaking up the rest of your palette when thinking about fall decor ideas.

How do you decorate for fall? Do you keep your decorations to the front porch or do you bring the outdoors in?

Who said “Size doesn’t matter?”

Size Matters! Rug Size that is.

We see it often in client’s homes.  They bought a rug for a room, but the rug size is off making the room feel small and the furniture feel disconnected.

Its hard to visualize what a rug will look like in your home while you’re at a store.  The rug you thought was huge hanging on the rack is actually two sizes too small when you get it home.  This is why we draw every space before we purchase items for it so that we know the best rug size for the space and the furniture.  We want to know what scale is best for the room.

Here are some general pointers when shopping for the right rug for your home.

Bigger is Better

The difference between a 5’x7′ and an 8x’10’ might be the difference between a cohesive look and a chopped up room. In general, bigger is better when it comes to area rugs.  Our goal is make the room feel as large as possible, and the scale of the rug is a big influence on that. 

Be sure to take cues from your room for both the rug size and its orientation. The rug should be proportional to the space (large rooms = large rugs) and placed to echo its dimensions (long room = orient lengthwise).

Rug Sizing by Room

In each room there are some guiding principals to consider when selecting the right size area rug. 

Living Room

In the living room, your have two options in selecting a rug: all furniture legs on the rug or only the front legs on the rug.

All Legs on the Rug

This layout, which does require the largest rug, is the best choice for anchoring a living room, especially within an open-concept space or for any furniture grouping that floats (has no furniture against a wall). Placing all furniture entirely on the rug will unify the pieces and create a defined seating area.

Front Legs on the Rug

This versatile option works especially well when one edge of the furniture grouping is against a wall. (You don’t need to pay for a rug to cover a spot no one sees!) Consistency is key for a cohesive look, so the rug should be sized to allow for front-legs only across all pieces. 

Dining Room

Both the shape of your room and dining table should make the rug choice clear—whether it’s rectangular or round.

Our only advice is to put all legs on the rug for this room.  It should extend 36 inches beyond all sides of the table (no less than 24), so chairs can sit on a flat surface, even when pushed back. Don’t forget to account for extendable leaves, if your table has them.


As the focal point of the room, your bed should also be the base for rug placement. Not only will this further define space, but will also give your feet a soft spot to land each morning.

All Legs on the Rug

This all-inclusive layout extends beyond the bed to its accompanying furniture, like nightstands or a bench—but does not include bedroom pieces along other walls, like dressers.  This will require the largest size rug. 

The bedroom is one of the spaces we see the most undersized rugs.  Make sure that you aren’t hiding your whole rug under your bed without showing off any of it in the room. This will make your bed feel oversized for the room, and the whole room feel out of scale.

Need some help looking for the right size rug?  A designer drawing can help you determine the best size and shape for the room.

We'd love to help.

It all started with a piece of art.

Bold teal abstract artOur client had a sofa, a chair and a newly renovated living room, but two piece of furniture does not make for a beautiful living room.   This design started with a piece of art.  The bold teal, and subtle cream and gold inspired the color palette for this grey living room.

Abstract Art

How lovely is this abstract piece? We love that it has an ocean feel with “waves” and a sort of “current” running through it.  Very tranquil for a room designed to relax in.

a living room inspired by abstract art


The teal front he art was reintroduced in the accessories.  This ceramic vase was the perfect pop of color on the other side of the room to balance out the space.

color palette inspired by abstract teal art

We continued the teal in the pillows and throw picking up on the many shades of teal in the piece of art.  There is also a subtle hint of teal and gold in the fabric on the custom Roman shades.  How pretty is that “Moroccan tile” pattern in the fabric?  We love the new twist on an old classic!

abstract teal art over a sofa

The white washed grey table provides beautiful contrast against the dark grey sofa. We love this piece because its is functional, but also has great style.  We styled the table with a few great accessories that pick up on the subtle tones from the art.

lamp an throw

The lamp tables highlight the white wash finish from the cocktail table, and the ceramic lamps pick up a subtle shade of blue to carry on the color palette from the art. We love the proportions of this vignette.  Nothing makes a room feel smaller than the wrong proportion of furniture!

tv console

Directly across from the piece of art is a gorgeous TV console in a warm washed wood.  This finish picks up on the tones in the sofa.  We accessorized it with a pop of color in the ceramic vase and a bit of greenery.  The remaining items pick up on the “driftwood” look of the washed pieces of furniture and the dark metal base of the lamp tables.  Plus, we always love a few stacks of books in our accessories.

All in all, we love this room.  We’re always happy to work with clients existing  pieces to help make them work in a room while finishing the design.

For more photos of this space, check out our portfolio.

Taking a Room to the Finish

You buy a sofa and paint your walls, but your room just doesn’t feel finished. As a design firm, we love to come into a space that the client just can’t get to feel done and take the room to the finish.  There is definitely a difference between a complete room and a styled room, and that is just what we did in this purple and grey living room.

Our client already owned a sofa, chair, and tv console.  She had recently opened up walls and painted the room a soothing grey, but it just didn’t feel done.

We started by grounding the room with an area rug.  The cream in the rug brightened up the room and provided nice contrast against the grey furniture. We also selected a gorgeous piece of abstract art that provided a pop of color and tied into the color palette of the dining room which is open to this space through the kitchen.

Near the front door, we created a sort of “mudroom” by adding a coat rack and small bench since this is where you enter the home.  We also added a doormat that both added a pop of color and allowed a place to wipe off shoes before stepping onto the cream and grey rug.

A leather ottoman,  drink table and floor lamp were added to create this cozy vignette along with a second door mat to be placed in front of the slider.

The last piece of the puzzle was to accessorize the space.  These beautiful vases and urns pick up the blue from the art and balance the mantle well.

Check out more photos of this room in our portfolio.

Colorful Great Room

The Colorful Design

Large open rooms with high ceilings are certainly the trend in home building, but they often lead to spaces not feeling cozy.  In this colorful great room, we broke the space up into two smaller “rooms:” a TV watching area and an area for conversation taking advantage of all of the windows.

In the TV watching area, the major design change was moving the television to over the fireplace.  This took some creative masonry and wire hiding, but it was important to have a single focal point rather than two. 

The TV Sitting Area

Here you can see our design board for the TV area.  We work to create a mock up of the feeling the room will have – but the fabrics are shown to the client in person. (You will have to wait to see them later in the post!)  We wanted the two sections of the room to flow, but we grounded each with their own area rug.

The “Sunroom”

The “sun room” features a tailored sofa, and comfy chair perfect for conversation or reading. We love the bold introduction of color from the large floral rug.

Before and After

We love seeing the side-by-side transformation.  You can really tell how painting the ceiling and moving the TV transformed the space. Plus the staging by a design team really makes the room a wow.

The After!

This colorful great room features many shades of red and orange orange with a pop of teal. The deep cherry of the built-in bookcases mirror that color palette.  The warm taupe walls help to ground the spaces high ceilings.  Notice how we even painted the ceiling to help make the grand room feel cozier.

In the TV area, we introduced a cocktail table ottoman to provide a pop of color and a place to put your feet, but also a tray to provide a place to put things down like beverages or food.

The sun room features a pop of red on the window seat and in the stripe on the chair.  We love the view out this window, and can imagine the family spending a lot of time sitting on the sofa enjoying the backyard.

The glass cocktail table works well in not blocking the beautiful rug and allowing the area to stay bright and open.

Check out more photos of this room in our portfolio

Grey Dining Room with a Pop Purple

There’s nothing we don’t like about this grey dining room project. From the coffered ceiling to the gorgeous table base, this room screams style and class.

When we entered this space, this was an empty room, but the grey color palette had been set.  Our client had recent removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen to create and open concept, but needed help creating a defined dining space in the new open concept.

We achieved that delineation by anchoring the room with an area rug and light fixture.  The drapery panels provide ceiling height, but also because they treat the dining room window differently than the kitchen windows help to mark the dining room separate from the rest of the house.  

While our client’s home featured a beautiful grey and white palette, which was carried into this grey dining room, she wanted help introducing a bit of color.  The dining room boasts a subtle pop of purple that was inspired by the piece of abstract art hanging over the buffet. The purple is picked up again in the welt on the chairs, the lamps, subtly in the area rug and then again in all of the accessories where we also introduced teal that is carried over from the living room.

We kept the dining table simple with only a small vase in the center as not to distract from the beautiful finish of the table and the chandelier above.  The place setting are simple for the same reason.

The buffet is dressed with a few small accessories, but the focal point is the art and lamps. This vignette provides a lot of color in this otherwise grey dining room.

Check out more photos of this space in our portfolio

Nursery Design

You know we love our jobs! It is so fun to spend all day being creative and making beautiful things.  One of our favorite parts of the job is transforming client’s homes and having them so happy with the end results, but once in a while, we get to be the client and that’s a ton of fun too!

Lisa Scheff Designs’ Interior designer, Eliza just brought home her newest addition, Alexandra. We are all so excited to meet her and watch her grown, but a big part of our excitement was getting to design the baby’s room.  You know Eliza is going to have a Pinterest-worthy nursery design!

Nursery Floor PlanLike any project, Eliza’s nursery design started with a floor plan. A nursery has pretty standard pieces of furniture: a crib, a dresser, a changing table, a rocking chair, and some book and toy storage.

One of the decisions Eliza needed to make was if this room is going to stay the nursery for the next baby or if it would be converting into a toddler bedroom.  She opted to keep it a nursery which means she didn’t really need to make room for a future twin bed, though there is plenty of room for that down the road should things change.

Once the floor plan was decided, it was time to start thinking color palette.  Because this room could eventually be the nursery for a little boy, Eliza didn’t want to choose overly girly items for the hard-to-change pieces like paint, carpet, and the rocking chair.  Enter a gender-neutral grey and teal color palette.  

Next, to layer on some girly pieces because how could we resist some pink!

The flower decals on the wall add a major focal point behind the beautiful crib, but the great thing is that they are easily removed down the road should the next baby be a boy and Eliza wants to change the pink for say navy truck prints or a sports theme (not that you can’t do a sports things for a girl’s nursery!). They are also a great option over the crib because there is absolutely no chance of them falling off the wall and hurting a sleeping infant the way a haphazardly hung piece of art could.

The animal prints over the changing table have little flower crowns that mirror the flowers on the walls.  These prints are perfect for the nursery’s theme and are also easily changeable for a future design or can be moved the big girl room down the hall!

Every nursery needs a rocking chair, and this glider will be comfortable for hours of baby soothing.  It  is a small scale chair and was selected specifically for Eliza’s height. The bookshelf wall is perfectly staged down to the books selected to add a pop of a color.  Did you expect anything less?

The final detail added to the room are custom drapery panels that fill the window wall and add a pop of the blue-green.  This pattern is gender neutral and can stay in the next design no matter if baby two is a boy or a girl.

We’re so in love with this nursery design, and the new baby who will be calling this room home. Such a sweet space for a sweet little girl.

Check out more photos in our portfolio

Open Concept Design

Open Concept Homes

As design has evolved over the last few decades, we’ve watched open concept home design become the desired feeling.  Great for traffic flow and entertaining, open concept homes often feel larger and more spacious than homes divided by walls.

We love an open concept design, but before you begin knocking down walls, there are a few things to consider as you create that open concept dream plan. 

1. Everything is Connected

When your whole first floors is open concept, it needs to be treated as one room is the sense of color palette and finish selections.  This means your dark cabinetry in the kitchen may dictate the wood finishes for your whole first floor, or your gold fireplace screen may affect the finishes you choose for your kitchen island pendants.

In this open concept home, we placed special consideration in how the light fixtures would flow from kitchen to dining room to family room.

2. A Large Space May Not Feel Cozy

Having an open concept in a large space, can make the already large space feel too large and somewhat cold. It’s much harder to create a warm and cozy space with no walls. This feeling can be exaggerated if you have tall ceilings. Using furniture creatively to create smaller spaces within the large open concept can help to achieve that warm and intimate feeling while still enjoying the benefits of open concept.

The L-shaped layout of this room allows for a very distinct living room space without adding walls for definition. 

3. There’s No Hiding a Mess

In an open concept home, you don’t have doors to close when one room is a mess and guests are coming over.  The kitchen is usually the worst offender in this sense.  In hosting an event, the kitchen often becomes quite messy – pots and pans spread throughout – but there isn’t a door to close after dinner is served in the dining room to hide the mess while you eat.

In this open concept, we build the island at bar height.  This height in the middle of the room acts as a small barrier to the stove and sink to help minimize sight lines into what can be a messy part of the kitchen.

4. Lack of Privacy

One of the benefits to open concept design is that everyone is together. Whoever is cooking in the kitchen, is still part of the family unit hanging out in the living room, and so on.  But on the flip side, the open-concept design has little room for privacy when you want it.  If your kids are noisy when they’re playing (congrats if yours aren’t!); if you need some solitude to get work done; if your partner is bingeing a tv show that you haven’t caught up on — too bad. Open-concept homes don’t provide the privacy that is needed to accommodate any of those situations. Being together all the time means being together ALL the time. It’s a big factor you need to consider.

Think About Your Pros and Cons as you Plan

Take the time to really consider why you want an open-concept home beyond the trend before you start knocking down walls. If you really are “entertainers” and not just holiday-only hosts, it could be for you. If your family craves togetherness now and as it grows at the expense of privacy, or if you have a second family room in another part of the house when you can go to escape or send the kids when they’re being loud, maybe you want open concept. But don’t overlook other design options that can still give you the feeling of a larger home with good flow when entertaining. Just because something is a trend, doesn’t mean its the right choice for your home.

Need help creating the right flow in your home? We can help! Give us a call to book a design consultation.  We will take measurements and draw your home to show you how you can maximize the space you have.

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