Easily Add Comfort To Any Space

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Easily Add Comfort To Any Space

It’s about that time – the time of year where the Winter Blues set in, and we are all anxiously waiting for spring. By the end of February, everyone in New England has had just about enough of winter. While we haven’t had much snow(knock on wood), it has been bitter cold almost every day! In the winter, there is nothing better than coming home to a cozy space where you can kick off your shoes and relax.

For us at Lisa Scheff, once late February hits you can find us snuggled up in our homes, reading a good book or watching one of our favorite TV shows. It is our favorite place to be. Sometimes, in large spaces, it is hard to make it feel intimate and cozy. While playing with colors and using a warmer hue can affect this, there are easier ways to help a room feel cozy without calling the painter. Whether your room is large or small, here are a few simple changes that can really up the level of “cozy”!

Over-sized Throws:

One of the most comfortable and most practical additions to any room is a few oversized throws. Throw blankets can be great accent pieces and will bring the colors of a room together. Plus, who doesn’t love having extra fuzzy blankets on hand for those chilly winter nights? Oversized is the way to go when looking to add throws to your space. Nothing is more frustrating than a blanket that doesn’t cover your whole body!

An over-sized throw is both practical, and functional! Added bonus? The texture that the blankets add to a room will add visual warmth and a richer, more tactile experience.

Layer with Comfy, Bright Pillows

Last but certainly not least, pillows! Pillows are useful and versatile. They can be used to rest your head during that Netflix binge or to rest your feet when you’re tired of sitting up straight! Pillows are the foundation of a cozy living room and a simple way to add color, texture, and comfort-trifecta! When looking for pillows, be sure to buy good quality for their durability and comfort.

Upholstered Ottomans & Poufs:

Cocktail tables are convenient pieces of furniture for any living room, but they can be cold and industrial, leaving a room chilly. An easy fix is to use an upholstered ottoman or poufs instead. How you decorate your ottoman is entirely up to you.

Whether you fill a serving tray with a stack of books and a candle or use it as extra seating for guests, the possibilities are endless! Many of these can even be made with hidden storage inside for all those throws! Most importantly, the fabric and cushion will bring added warmth to the space, adding to the comfort of the room.

Bonus tip- Eliminate Dead Wall Space:

In a large space, it is almost always best to keep furniture off the walls, creating cozy arrangements closer to the center of the room. The trouble with this is that it can leave a large portion of your wall space bare — don’t let that space go to waste! Using wall art that is predominantly warmer colors will help fill up the wall space and eliminate the chill!

Are you looking for some advice on how to make your living space cozier? Give us a call we would love to help!

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