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Organization and Small Design Projects During Quarantine

Today is day 28 of social distancing for us. Other than a few trips to the grocery store and daily walks, we really haven’t left our house in 28 days. I had to go back and count because truly, I’ve lost all track of time.

In the last post in our quarantine series, we talked about Making Your Home a Retreat During Social Distancing.  Today, we would like to continue that theme by talking about organization and small design projects you can tackle at home to make your space feel more inspired.

Before we dive into our organization tips, we’d first like to acknowledge that not everyone has more time on their hands right now.  Some of us are parenting small children or signing into Google Classrooms for multiple kids while trying to still do our jobs from home. And to those people who are barely surviving each day, we’d like to say: we see you, and you’ve got this. This article is not for you.

But for those of you who are bored at home and have already binged your way through Netflix, Hulu, and Disney +, here are some ideas to make the time go by while making your home more beautiful and functional from restyling your bookshelves to cleaning out a junk drawer.

Restyle your Bookshelves

Just moving around the items on a bookshelf to present them in a new way can make a room feel fresh, invigorated and organized.  Incorporating decorative boxes is a good way to have storage without the shelves feeling cluttered.  Take the time to inventory your whole house – if you’re like me, most of your home is a similar color palette thanks to open concept so accessories move easily from room to room. Consider adding color to the back of your bookshelf either by painting or peel and stick wallpapering the back panels.

When you begin to place items, start with some anchor pieces that are tall and eye-catching to take up a lot of visual space.  Let some items stand-alone with “white-space” around them while combining others into a small collection or groupings. Make sure to vary the scale of items.   Smaller objects can be made to feel important or more substantial by placing them atop stacks of books.

Try a New Furniture Layout

When I was a child, one of my favorite past times was to rearrange the furniture in my room.  Something about the movement of items gave me a fresh perspective and felt like a whole new space. A new layout will allow you to consider the best way to organize all of your belongings to reduce clutter. You can try playing around with new layouts, or take advantage of digital design services and bring us on board to draw you some new layouts. When you’re bored with the layout of your home then it can really make you feel bla! Revitalizing and rearranging a room can actually make you feel revitalized as well. Plus rearranging a room will force you to do some cleaning and reorganizing making space feel better.

Clean out Your Bathroom Drawers

To me, clean drawers arethe best way to organize your home. This is a good opportunity to throw away expired medicine and beauty products (did you know makeup has a shelf life?) and think through the best way to organize what is left.  You open those bathroom drawers every morning – think about how much better the start to your day would be heading into an organized space. This was one of the first projects that I tackled during my quarantine.  I wanted to take an inventory of medicines we had in case our family became sick. I then used what I had to organize the space pulling up bins from the basement and putting like things in Ziplock bags to make my cabinets feel less cluttered.

Tackle the Closets

If you’re like me, you often just close the closet door after shoving clutter inside so the rest of your house feels neat. But after a while, those closets become out of control and need some TLC. If you’re up for doing some online shopping, you can order some closet system pieces to really up your organizational game or just make the best use of the space you have. Start by taking everything out of the closet, get rid of  what’s no longer used, fits or is needed. If you have clothes to donate, check out a site like Thred Up where they will send you a clean-out bag, or check out the Salvation Army’s site to schedule a pick-up or find a drop off location – no socialization needed. Next, clean the interior floors, wipe down shelves and get it ready to put stuff back. If it’s a clothes closet, sort your clothes by category and be sure to hang delicate items and stack thicker things like denim. Put your most-used items at the front, while seasonal or rarely used pieces can go up higher or in the back.

Don’t Ignore the Laundry Room

Anyone else wonder where all this laundry is coming from since we’re all just living in sweatpants? Somehow, my family continues to produce mountains of laundry even though were not leaving the house.  Having a organized and pretty space to do that laundry in makes the chore a bit more tolerable.  Start by cleaning the space and evaluating how much room you really have. Incorporating wall storage for laundry supplies can leave you more space for folding if your laundry room is small. Consider adding shelves to unused corners, and putting supplies in baskets or storage containers to make the room feel less industrial. Then focus on small ways to make it pretty. Perhaps a peel and stick wallpaper (we can order that for you! ) or a fun sign can make the space feel fresh and personalized.

Clean Out the Junk Drawer

Don’t even try to act like you don’t have a junk drawer! We all have that space usually in the kitchen where every miscellaneous small items get stashed. My junk drawer ranges from screwdrivers and flashlights to post-it notes and keys.  I find that a few times a year I need to empty out the drawer, throw away a few things, and reorganize the space.  I like to use bins from the dollar store to group like items together. What’s great about this project is that really, it will only take you 15 or 20 minutes, but you will feel so accomplished!

We know that the list of home projects can feel endless right now while you are sitting home staring at them, but these are a few good places to start. We always say the hardest part is starting.  Even if you only use 20 minutes a day, you can make a big difference in your home and you will feel accomplished as you breathe new life into your space.

We’d love to hear about how you are tackling home projects during this tough time.

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