Picking out the Right Light Fixtures for Your House

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Picking Out the Light Fixtures for Your House

You’re getting dressed. You’ve got the perfect top, bottom, shoes, and makeup, but something is still missing. What’s that? Your jewelry. You pick out the perfect jewelry/accessories and voila, your look is now complete. When picking out the light fixtures for your house, you can look at it the same way; each room is an outfit and the light fixtures you choose are the jewelry or accessories. The jewelry you choose for an outfit can complement it and add flare, but sometimes (if chosen wrongly) can throw off the look you were going for. This is the same for choosing light fixtures. No worries though! We’re here to guide you through picking the perfect lighting.


If you’re looking for a statement lighting fixture, chandeliers are no brainer. However chandeliers are no longer just lavish, covered in crystal fixtures, (though those can still be perfect in the right design). Today, you can find chandeliers that fit all styles; traditional, modern, rustic, glamorous, boho, etc.

Pendant Lights

Perhaps you have a smaller space though and you feel a chandelier may be too large for your space, but you still want to have eye catching light fixtures. When grouped, pendant lights can do just that.

They can also be great in areas where you need direct lighting such as the kitchen.

Ceiling Mounts & Recessed Lighting
If you have a lot of other bold or eye catching pieces elsewhere in the room, maybe you’re looking for a simpler lighting option. Ceiling mount or recessed lights are good options when this is the case. Depending on the style of the room, ceiling mounts can sometimes offer you a little more design than recessed lights. However, if you’re room is a contemporary style, less is more and the clean lines the recessed lights leave along the ceiling can be just as big of a design element as a decorative ceiling mount fixture.


Sconces are beautiful accessories to a bathroom design.

There are so many different styles that they really add a unique element to the bathroom. They can also be great in other locations such as a hallway too. If you’ve got some tall people in your life and a small hallway, a ceiling mount can make the hall feel shorter and smaller. By adding a sconce on the wall as a replacement for the ceiling mount you keep the height and the space feels larger.

Floor & Table Lamps

Floor and table lamps are probably the most common types of lighting. They’re typically found in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. A great tip here is to mix it up a bit.

Don’t just buy all the same exact style when purchasing these. Mix up the heights or buy a combination of petite and bulky to add dimension to the room. Just make sure they still all tie together in order to not throw off the design of the room.

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