Rugs vs. Carpet: What is the right choice for you?

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Rugs vs. Carpet: What is the right choice for you?

If you’re looking for a soft, comfortable flooring option, your choice is a rug or carpet. We find that a lot of people think these terms are interchangeable, and while both are a soft flooring option and a good way to keep your home feeling warm and cozy, there are distinct differences between the two.
Rugs, including area rugs, are large sections of floor coverings usually made of woven materials that do not extend over the entire floor space. Rugs are not attached to the floor. These are great for people interested in creating a unique theme for the decor from room to room. Apart from being easier to clean, area rugs are movable, and can be changed and rearranged to match furniture and wall color. They can also introduce structure to an open layout that is hard to accomplish with furniture alone.
Carpet, on the other hand, refers to wall-to-wall floor covering made of thick woven fabric that extends over the full floor space and is secured to the floor with glue or tacking strips. Carpets are generally tacked or cemented, with an underlying pad. This makes them entirely slip resistant and often gives the space a unified look, especially if used between multiple rooms. Carpets tend to be good for families with young children; they cover hard, cold surfaces and are great for young kids crawling on hands and knees.
As you are deciding between wall-to-wall carpet or hard floors whether wood or tile with an area rug, you should consider the pros and cons between the two.



  1. Deters mold and mildew growth by their ability to allow air flow underneath
  2. Easier to wash and dry than wall-to-wall making them a much better choice for people with dust allergies.
  3. Helps define a space and connect large pieces of furniture, especially in an open concept home
  4. Easier to change as your style, and taste changes
  5. A great way to introduce color, pattern and texture
  6. Movable so can come with you if you move


  1. The edges are a place that people may trip so not a great option for the elderly who may be severely injured by a fall
  2. People who like to walk around barefoot may find the space between area rugs cold

We find people often undersize their area rugs which can make your home feel small and your furniture feel disconnected.

The rule of thumb in the dining room is that your rug should have enough room for people to back up their chair and still be on the rug.

In the living room, you want each piece of furniture to at least touch the rug. 

In the bedroom, you want to make sure your rug is proportionate the size of your bed.  You can read more about properly sizing a rug in our blog post “Who said “Size Doesn’t Matter?”



  1. Carpet is secured to the floor with glue or tacking making it slip and trip resistent
  2. A good pad underneath makes wall-to-wall carpeting extremely plush and cushioning so a great choice for a playroom or other space you will spend time on the floor
  3. Keeps the floor entirely covered which means no cold feet


  1. Difficult to fully clean
  2. Gets worn in high traffic areas such as hallways
  3. Moisture can get trapped underneath which can lead to mold and mildew
  4. Poor choice for families with allergies especially to dust
  5. Can damage hardwood underneath due to the glue
  6. Can not come with you if you move

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