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Space and Lighting Design

Creating a Floor Plan Provides a Map for
Furniture Placement, Selection and Proportion.

Space PlanFloor Plans

A floor plan is a rendering that shows a space from above – as if you are looking down on the room from above the ceiling.

The design accounts for traffic patterns and aims to maximize space and functionality of how the room is utilized.  Having a to-scale drawing ensures that you will purchase the right furniture in the right scale with the right design for how the room is used.

We will draw floor plans of existing rooms in order to maximize the space that you have and to aid with furniture selection.  We will also work with you to draw floor plans for remodels, additions and new builds.  Floor Plans should be drawn before walls go up so that you can ensure functionality of a room and flow of furniture before the work is done.

Don’t guess as size and layout of rooms.  See how furniture will look in the room you are building before you build it to ensure both good aesthetics and functionality.

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Lighting Plans

Lighting Plans

Determining how to best light a room is not as simple as adding a lamp to a table.  A well-lit room uses lighting design to achieve a balance of form and function – fixtures that are visually appealing and add to the room’s design while providing the right amount of light in the right locations.

In creating a lighting plan, we ensure that the room is appropriately lit without and dark corners. We take into consideration two main elements: the furniture placement and the available wall space for artwork.

Our drawings include the placement and the selection of overhead light fixtures, recessed lighting and lamps in order to create ambiance in your space.

We also give consideration to the temperature of the light in order to create the best feel in the space.

Take the guesswork out of the placement of outlets and overhead lighting.  We will help you properly place lighting in the first place.

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An elevation is a drawing that shows the front or side of something – often used for cabinetry, built-ins or in this case, accessory placement.

They are necessary in kitchen and bathroom design.  Without an elevation, you cannot see the specifications of the cabinetry, the size of each drawer, or the location of each cabinet.

Elevations can be simple line drawings as the accessory drawing to the left, or can be detailed renderings as the image below.

A floor plan simply cannot adequately relay all of the necessary information for cabinetry installations.  They also give you an opportunity to make small changes to the design before anything is ordered, by allowing you to see a 3-D rendering of the space.

These drawings will also be used an an installation guide for the carpenter.

20-20 Bathroom Elevation

Think you could benefit from a floor plan or lighting design? We would love to help you determine the best flow in your home by creating space and lighting plans.


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