Wallpaper is in for 2019!

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Wallpaper is in for 2019!

Wallpaper falls in and out of trend as frequently as bell bottoms and big hair. However, recently, wallpaper has made a huge come back and this trend is hanging on. Right now, the modern wallpaper trend is going strong and we are really loving it. It is a far cry from the wallpaper designs we were left peeling off from the 70’s and 80’s…

Wallpapers are back as a trend because they fit a much less minimalistic taste that is emerging . A wave of new (and younger) homeowners see wallpaper as a new, fun, and exciting alternative to the painted walls of their childhood homes.

Nowadays there is also a lot to choose from with bold, modern prints, that are dramatic, oversized and whimsical. Wallpaper isn’t relegated to the floral print all of our grandparents used anymore. The colors are much more vibrant, they come in textured fabrics, and thanks to advances in printing, are sharp as a knife. Wallpaper has become a favorite way to easily introduce texture, color, and excitement to a space. Whether it is a waterproof paper for a bathroom, a metallic one for a bedroom or even a fairy tale themed one for a closet-there is a wallpaper for everything!

Here are a few wallpaper trends that we like and think will be around for a while!

Metallic & Textured Wallpaper

We lumped these metallic and textured wallpaper together because..well..we love using them together! Using a metallic wallpaper is a great way to add a little bit of glam to any space in your home. Featuring wallpaper on an accent wall is a simple, affordable way to add a luxury feel to your space, whether its a bathroom or a home office. Added bonus? A metallic wallpaper will instantly bring a comfortable yet fashion-forward vibe to your abode.

When it comes to texture, we love the look of all grass clothed textured papers. It is another simple way to create that modern luxury feel in your space. With the paper we used in this bathroom we designed, we mixed the best of both worlds.

Large Scale Floral Wallpaper

Yes, we said it. Floral! However, modern era floral. No more tiny, repeated floral patterns slapped up on all four walls creating a chaotic, busy space. Instead, modern era floral has come back in a BIG way!

New age floral wallpaper is here in a much more sophisticated manner. The floral designs have grown in scale, and are a fabulous way to add an element of visual interest to your room. At Lisa Scheff, we love the detail a  playful, oversized floral design adds to a nursery, a bathroom, and even a laundry room!

New Age floral paper can make a dramatic and striking statement wall. Some floral papers are so large that they turn the wall into a wondrous mural in your home. When you choose wallpaper like this, you can expect your wallpaper to be the focal point of your room. You won’t even need to hang artwork on your walls; your wallpaper will attract plenty of attention

Space Specific Wallpapers

Some wallpaper is so perfect for a space that it is like it was created just for use in it. These can be abstract designs, western influenced designs, or even a fairy tale themed design!

The versatility is one of the best things about wallpaper. It comes in all shapes, sizes, patterns, materials, textures, and designs ensuring that there is one for whatever look you want to achieve. It allows you to fully customize any space into becoming the exact space you’d dreamed of.

If you’re planning to remodel or renovate your home, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at wallpaper trends and give us a call and well help you decide.

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