West Suffield, CT

The Lake House Project

Nestled on the serene banks of a tranquil lake, The Lake House is a testament to the harmonious interplay between architecture and nature. Its graceful design draws inspiration from the very waters it overlooks, incorporating the endless blues, soothing greens, and organic earth tones that shimmer across the lake's surface. The house stands like a gallery of natural art, boasting a palette influenced by driftwood and nature's unspoiled beauty. It captures the ephemeral essence of summer with an interior that remains light, bright, and cheerful even amidst the chill of winter, thanks to colors that are light and muted—though never dull. The client's vision of a space that radiates joy and comfort materializes through strategically chosen decor—textured matelassé, linen duvets, and elements of rattan feature prominently throughout the residence, invite touch and contemplation. This rich textural landscape is crucial when layering neutrals, as every surface and fabric weave contributes to a cohesive whole that feels complete and utterly unique. Accessories play their part as the final touch, instilling warmth and a sense of completion. Within The Lake House, the boundaries between inside and outside blur. Each room flows into the next, due in no small part to the conscious engineering feats performed to simplify what could easily have become a complex space. Sturdy beams stretch across the open floor plan—some structural, some to bring balance and harmony. These beams divide the living areas into three distinct sections. In this project, the ceiling received as much attention as any carefully-selected piece of furniture or decor. With parts of the original ceiling straight, others angled, and yet more offering a combination of the two, an ambitious goal was set: to unify these disparate elements. By introducing thoughtful angles and continuous pitches, the architectural aesthetic evolved into an uninterrupted visual flow. The minimalist ethos of The Lake House is not simply a statement of style, but an intentional reflection of the world outside its windows. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces invite the homeowner to connect with the landscape, creating a symbiotic relationship where each view out feels like a continuation of the interior. It offers a restorative retreat, a sanctuary where the chaos of the outer world dissipates and all that remains is the stillness of nature's embrace.
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