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Lisa Scheff Designs is, first and foremost, a client-oriented design firm. The heart of our success is listening to and understanding each of our client's individual needs, personal taste, and style. Our system is simple - we make your renovation, redesign, or remodel as easy as possible on you. From life-like renderings, to bringing all materials and products to you, to coordination between contractors, we're the ultimate partnership for your design journey.

Step 1: Kick-Off Meeting

We start off with a welcome packet detailing our services, products, and procedures.

We'll walk through your space, discuss your dreams and goals for the project, and get to know each other.

This phase typically involves us asking a million and one questions so we can learn as much about you as possible. We want to know everything about your wants and needs, your loves and hates, and your lifestyle. We want to know what’s meaningful to you, what you want your home to say about you, and how you want your home to feel. Our approach at this stage is what allows our final product to truly shine.

Step 2: Scope of Work

Once the vision of the project has been created, we'll develop a plan together.

At this point, we'll establish the framework for your project, making sure we set up the functional goals for your space.

Back in the office, we will write up a proposed Scope of Work. This document will outline a budget and floor plan for the home interior design project based on your goals for the renovation or redesign.

Once we're all in agreement and the Scope of Work is signed, our design process begins.

Step 3: Design Process

The vision materializes. Our initial schematic designs, and design boards, come together.

This is when we will design your palette. You'll get a presentation of elements like materials, finishes, colors, millwork, and custom cabinetry. Fabric, wood, paint samples, even pictures of furniture and sketches of custom items will all be provided, including life-like digital renderings of the final space.

We'll meet, review, and make revisions. Typically we plan for two rounds of revisions within our estimated time budget.

Step 4: Procurement

Time to procure and execute the design.

Once you approve the design plan and layout, we move on to purchasing, ordering, receiving…and, very important, inspecting. We gather pieces at our receiving house and when anything arrives broken (something always does), we’ll be there to take care of it.

If it's a construction project, we break ground. And are there to serve as your dedicated project manager. We oversee and coordinate construction, electrical, plumbing, lighting installation, and every other imaginable facet of construction. We're fluent in contractor lingo, so any hiccup that arises we can smooth out accordingly.

From the start to finish, we keep a meticulous eye on your 'punch list' - constantly reviewing and updating, always ensuring quality of execution.

Step 5: Installation

When it's time for installation, we take care of it all.

We have the heavy lifting covered. Or, rather, we bring along the muscle to do so. And once every last piece is set in place, the only thing that's left is everyone's favorite part: The Big Reveal.

It's time to experience the design we've envisioned together come to life.

Few moments rival the one when our clients step foot into their new space for the first time. The look on their face is something we just can't get enough of - it's why we do what we do.

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Though many moving parts come together for the culmination of a successful final product, following our well-oiled system has been instrumental in our continued success with interior design transformations.
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