August 10, 2023

The Arora Project

With open-floor-plan homes, where every room is seen from the front door, creating a "wow" moment upon entry is key.

But how do you do that?

When we asked them what they were looking for in their dining room and open-concept family room off the kitchen, the clients, a family of four, said, "High standard and rich." This led the designers to choose rich textures, a modern design approach, and high-quality pieces. They also selected a cohesive color palette and inviting textures to create a luxe and polished space perfect for family living and entertaining. Thoughtfully selected and proportionately scaled furniture optimizes not only the functionality of these rooms but also the comfort. And isn't "comfort" what we're looking for when we come home?

For the Arora Project, we began planning around spaces that were already being renovated.

Wait til you see what we've done with this space!

Once the porcelain tile flooring was placed and the walls were painted white, it was time to select the furniture and all the specific details to create a dining oasis.

As you can see in the photo above, we started with a gorgeous table and set of chairs in dark wood that would pop against the carefully chosen rug and the white walls (Benjamin Moore White Dove to be exact). Geometric shapes that complement the ladder-back chairs and the overall design add visual interest, as does the amazing sculptural lighting fixture above.

No detail is too small. Even the curves and stripes of the plants echo the curves of the window design, as well as the lines of the rug and the lighting fixture, bringing it all into harmony.

Next, we created a sitting room that would greet everyone entering through the front door with style and the promise of comfort.

The color palette here echoes that in the dining area with the addition of shades of brown and pops of gold. The gold curves of the table and the base of the chair contrast beautifully with the straight lines running through the rug and across the Hunter Douglas shades.

We paid attention to specific details here, such as the wonderful textual qualities of the brown cabinet, the gold candlesticks, and the abstract floral pop of pink in the framed photograph above the cabinet.

Even the books pick up on the colors of gold, white, and gray, and the bookends provide further textual interest. And notice how the lines on the pillows pick up on the slightly wavy lines of the cabinet behind it. It's this attention to detail that can make a room a sophisticated work of art as well as a comfy place to sit and read or chat with friends.

A closer look at the table with the gold curved base shows the framed piece on the wall that echoes the colors and curves of the table and base in its swirl of bright fish against a background that resembles a fingerprint, with its whorls and swirls, or the woodgrain evident on the cabinet above.

A playful version of the gold and black also appears on the animal print pillows in the photo below that provides a fuller view of the framed pink "cloudburst" hanging over the cabinet.

The textures, stripes, and color theme are also on display in this area with the wonderful surprise of the black and white striped table over two curved black chairs that look like they came from a sculpture garden.

No detail was overlooked, and those details bring a sense of fun and surprise as you can see in this closeup of the cocktail table with its splash of green in the plant on a marble tray with gold handles as well as in the playfully large black chain links.

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The Arora Project

With open-floor-plan homes, every room is seen from the front door. Creating a "wow" moment upon entry is key.

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