January 22, 2024

The Colonial Project Transformation

Over the years, we have worked our way through this modern Colonial family home, melding contemporary design with the more traditional aspects of a Colonial.

The foyer

We created a dramatic entry to the home with this glamorous foyer. It features beautifully curated pieces, each selected for its size and proportion, to perfectly fill this nook and to create a visual impact on entry with the metallic-hued cabinet doors and the bold mirror above.

Foyer, Colonial Project

The living room

Just off the foyer, the redesigned soft green and taupe living room now features a restful design through the use of a variety of patterns and textures. From the fabric selections to the accessories on the build-ins, every detail was carefully curated.

a cozy spot for conversation in the Colonial living room
The family room

Around the corner from the living room, the family room fireplace received a custom piece of art and accessories to finish the space.

custom art adds color and interest to a traditional fireplace
The kitchen

Redesign of the kitchen added a custom window treatment and lighting to tie the whole room together. There's a cozy eating area, a marble-topped island with sink and custom stools for extra seating. And see how it integrates elements from the family room for a cohesive "flow" to the overall space.

marble-topped counters and custom stools for extra seating
The home office

Often, landings in homes represent wasted space, but not in this home. Upstairs, the gold and grey home office makes use of an open landing creating a cozy place to work. As in the rest of the home, no detail was overlooked from the custom drapery to highlight the peaked ceilings to the accessories on the desk.

a cozy workspace with a view on the upstairs landing

For more photos of this extensive project, see here.

All photos by 📸 leahmartinphoto

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