November 15, 2023

Visualize your home with our life-like digital renderings

As we begin the design process for a new project, we pull together small fabric samples, tile samples, and small woodchips for cabinet finishes of the items we are selecting for a room. Clients often find themselves worrying about how it will all look when it's done because its hard to take those small pieces of material and visualize a whole room.  At Lisa Scheff Designs, we understand this concern, and that's why we create life-like digital renderings of your home design project to put your worries to rest.

Family room rendering and reality picture
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Our digital renderings offer you the opportunity to visualize the spacing, furniture pieces, cabinetry and appliance layouts, custom trims, countertops, and even lighting before purchasing the items for your space. With our in-house rendering capabilities, we work directly with you to ensure that the finished product meets your expectations and preferences. Our desire is to give you the confidence that, when you entrust your home to us, your dreams for your space can become a reality, from sketches to renderings to the final product.

Powder room rendering and reality picture
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Product Selection

Through our digital rendering process, we help you select the perfect lighting fixtures, envision living configurations, and even choose between different cabinet designs and colors.  Our renderings give you the chance to see your completed design in advance, so you can make changes before approving a final decision.

Custom kitchen renovation rendering and reality picture
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Remote Design

Our digital renderings help us work together even if we are not in the same physical location. We can easily share design ideas and proposals with you online, even if you are miles away. We can provide you with close-up details, so you can see how custom finishes or textures will look in your space before making any decisions or purchases.

Dining room rendering and reality picture
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In addition to their practical benefits, digital renderings also add a unique aesthetic appeal. They're beautiful to look at and can inspire you to add finishing touches and complete your space in ways you might never have considered before. The result is a completely customized design unique to your desires.

Butler's pantry rendering and reality picture
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As you can see, with our life-like digital renderings, you can see the finished product in advance with the details that will make your space come to life. With our in-house rendering capabilities, our team offers you the opportunity to work directly with us to ensure that the final product aligns with your preferences and ideas. You will be confident in your decisions before making any final purchases or commitments.

Give Lisa Scheff Designs the opportunity to bring your home design to life with our innovative digital renderings.

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Visualize your home with our life-like digital renderings

Experience the future before it becomes a reality. Our life-like digital renderings bring home design projects to life, allowing you to visualize your space like never before. Step into a world of possibilities and see how our renderings turn dreams into stunning reality.

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